Wessex sports roundup 01/07/2018

Sorry I haven't done one of these for a couple of weeks, but time has been short. As before, Wessex teams in bold, winning Wessex teams in bold italics. Everything's gone a bit quiet on the domestic front, because of the World Cup, but there's still the cricket.


Essex 517/5d & 208/7d - Somerset 407 & 151/5 (match drawn)

Lancashire 411 - Hampshire 451 & 237/5 (match drawn)

Northamptonshire 232 & 32/0 - Gloucestershire 62 & 250 (Northamptonshire won by 10 wickets)

Wessex sports roundup 10/06/2018

I've had a request to post sports results from around the region. I'm probably not the best person to do this, as my interest in sportsball is close to zero, but I'll do my best. Wessex teams in bold, winning Wessex teams in bold italics.


Burnley 1 Bournemouth 2

Southampton 0 Man City

Coventry City 3 Exeter City 1


Hampshire 356-9 Somerset 360-7

Gloucestershire 289 All Out Middlesex 322-3

Is that OK?