BBC Introducing in Wessex

Family commitments for Father's Day meant I didn't have time to do a roundup of weekend sports results, but I would like to launch another new weekly feature. Since 2007, BBC local radio stations have featured a show called BBC Introducing, showcasing up and coming musical talent from their respective areas. The shows covering Wessex are BBC Introducing In...

  • Berkshire
  • Devon and Cornwall
  • Oxford
  • The Solent
  • The West (Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire)

The BBC website generally features the music played on each show, though not for all shows (there were no playlists for Radio Berkshire or Radio Devon this week, which is why the list isn't called BBC Introducing In Wessex And Cornwall), and only in 30-second snippets. To listen to the tracks in full, you have to save them to My Music on the BBC website, then export them to Spotify, YouTube or Deezer. I chose Spotify because I don't have a Deezer account and using YouTube for audio seems weird to me. Sadly, not all tracks are available on Spotify (only 24 of 41 this week). Nonetheless, I figured it was a way of giving a signal boost to some of the best new music from around the region. Shuffle play is recommended to ensure a mix of tracks from different stations. Enjoy.

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