In the late 1920's the Grant family decided to live in Burley. In 1930,
Lettice Grant (nee Rooke) bought a property in Bisterne Close, moving from
Westbourne in Bournemouth. Prior to that they were in Kashmir and further
back the Grant side were from Scotland. The Rooke's, however were from the
New Forest. Indeed part of the family tree show them as being in Burley,
Lymington and other areas of the New Forest.

2020 will represent 90 years at the Burley address, the property is still
occupied by Richard F. Grant. Although, his sister left as a teenager in

Jennifer has been married 3 times and now lives in Plymouth. She has two
middle aged sons, neither are married nor have children.
Richard was married briefly in the 1980's, has sons, and a granddaughter.
Lettice had 4 children, with her husband Gregor Hugh Grant  who died in his
early 30's when leaving Kashmir. The Grant's had Indigo plantations.
Established, by former generations, of the  Grant family.
The Rookes were also married into the Burrards of Lymington, who were local

The reason for this post is to ask, how many people still live
in the home where they were born?

Richard is a retired estate agent, although was for 20 years carer to his late Father.  His Mother, Sheila (nee Reilly) died in 1988.

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