Wessex Attractions: Alexander Keiller Museum

Alexander Keiller (1889-1955) was the heir to the Dundee marmalade firm of James Keiller and Son, who used the wealth he inherited in the service of his true passion, archaeology. He bought 950 acres of land at Avebury for the purposes of excavation and preservation. In 1943, he sold the land to the National Trust for a nominal fee.

Today, the museum that bears his name contains two galleries, the Barn Gallery and the Stables Gallery. The Barn Gallery is located in a preserved 17th century threshing barn, and uses interactive displays to tell the story of Avebury and its surrounding landscape. The Stables Gallery features neolithic exhibits excavated on the site, including flint tools, pottery and the skeleton of a domesticated dog dating from around 3500 BC.

Entry to the museum costs £4.90 (free to members of English Heritage) and the postcode is SN8 1RF. Please note that restrictions may be in place due to COVID-19. It is advisable to check their website in advance of your visit.

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