Wessex Attractions: Three Choirs Vineyard

Three Choirs Vineyard in Newent, Gloucestershire, is one of the longest-established large-scale commercial vineyards operating in Wessex today. It was founded in 1973, just as Britain was emerging from a 30-year slump in wine production caused by the deprivations of World War 2.

It bills itself as the oldest and largest vineyard in England, though of course this only applies to the vineyards still in existence. Wine has been made in England since Roman times, and many of the larger villas had their own vineyards. Since Wessex largely corresponds to the “villa belt” in Roman Britain, it is likely that it was a major centre for wine production.

Over the years, a restaurant and hotel has been added to the original vineyard, making it a major tourist attraction, largely focussed on romantic getaways for couples. The number 132 bus between Gloucester and Ledbury (the latter being the closest railway station) runs right past the vineyard. The postcode, for satnav purposes, is GL18 1LS.

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