Wessex Attractions: Theatre Royal, Bath

The Theatre Royal in Bath is an outstanding example of Georgian theatre architecture. Built in 1805, the original theatre is a grade II listed building. In 1997, the Ustinov Studio, named after Sir Peter Ustinov, who had led the fundraising for the building, was added to the rear; and in 2005, a children's theatre called The Egg was built on the site of the disused Robins Cinema next door.

Like all old theatres, the Theatre Royal is said to be haunted by many ghosts, including the Grey Lady, an unnamed former actress who has her own box, and who is said to leave behind the scent of jasmine after a sighting.

The pub next door to the theatre is known as the Garrick's Head, after the great actor David Garrick, a bust of whom is also displayed above the door. The address of the theatre is Sawclose, Bath, BA1 1ET.