Vo’kspeech Wordlist/C

Caa vCaw
Cab nSticky mass
Cabbage vSteal
Cack (1)nBoot, child's
Cack (2)nDung
Cackle nChatter, idle
Cad nRunt of litter
Caddle (1)nDisarray
Caddle (2)vRepair
Caddlesome adjTroublesome
Caddling adjUncertain (of weather)
Caddly adjUncertain (of weather)
Caddy nCaddis-worm
Caddy-Ball nTennis ball
Cade adjSpoilt (of child)
Cader nRod rest for anglers
Cadlock nWhite mustard
Cadock nBludgeon
Cad-Bait nCaddis-worm
Cad-Weed nCow parsnip
Cafender nCarpenter
Cafendery vCarpentry, practice
CaffinnLong-tailed tit
Cag (1)nKeg
Cag (2)nCarrion
Cag (3)vAnnoy
Cagery adjTricky
Cag-Mag nQuarrelsome person
CakenLayer of hay cut from rick
Calcalary nLady's slipper (plant)
Caleer vFrolic
Calfy nSimpleton
Calk nCork
Call Home vRemember
Callenge vChallenge
Callis-stonenGrit used to sharpen knives
Callow nBare (of land)
Callus adjCalloused
Callyvan (1)nBird-trap
Callyvan (2)nCaravan
Calve vInherit
Cam adjOff-kilter
Cam Ewes nSeagulls
Camber nDock
Camel nConvex diversion from a straight line
Camil nCamomile
Camlet nCloth, woollen
Cammock nRest-harrow
Camp-Shot nWood shoring up the banks of the Thames
Canary nPlantain
Cander advYonder
Cangle n/vTangle
Caniffle vFlatter
Cank (1)nChatter, idle
Cank (2)vConquer
CankeredadjInfected (of wound)
Cankerroon nToadstool
Canon Bread nBread given to the Alderman of Exeter as an allowance
Canstick nCandlestick
Cant (1)nGossip
Cant (2)nSlice
Cantle nSlice
Cantlebone nCollarbone
Capadosha adjSuperior
Caping nCoping (of building)
Capel (1)nLoop connecting the two parts of a flail
Capel (2)nstone composed of quartz, schorl, and hornblende, more frequently accompanying tin than copper ores
Caper nGopher spurge
Capital Well advVery well
Caplin nLoop connecting the two parts of a flail
Capon nLong-tailed tit
Cappel-faced adjWhite-faced, spotted with red or dun (of cattle)
Capper (1)nMystery
Capper (2)nHead
Capsize vWalk a barrel or other heavy object
Captain nForeman
Car nCarriage
Carr vCarry
Caraway nApple, variety of
Carcase nBody, living
Care nMountain ash
Carf nCross-section of haystack
Cark nAnxiety
Carlock nWhite mustard
Carlock-Cups nButtercup
Carmantree nChassis
Carney vWheedle
Carnation-Grass nTufted grass
Carpenter's herb nHeal-all
Carrion, box ofnCorpse
Carriter nCharacter
Carrot-poll nRedhead
Carter nStable-master (on farm)
Carvey nCaraway
Casar nSeive for winnowing corn
Cascade vVomit
Case vWinnow corn
Casiers nSleeves, wide
Casion nOccasion
Cass nSpar used in thatching
Cassock nCouch-grass
Cast nCask
Casting nPlum, small
Castle nMarbles (game)
Catch Up (1)nCoccyx
Catch Up (2)vRelight fire
Catch nWater-meadow
Catcher nCatch of gate
Catching-pen adjLame
Catching (1)nSheep pen
Catching (2)adjUncertain (of weather)
Catchy adjUncertain (of weather)
Catch-LandnCommon land
Cater-wise adjCatty-corner
Caterpillar nCockchafer
Cater-Cousins nFriends, close
Cather nHemp
Caton nLong-tailed tit
Cattan nLoop connecting the two parts of a flail
Cattern nSt Catherine's Day
Catter-Waul vCourt
Cattikeyns nSamaras
Cattle-folk nDairy farmers
Catty-ball nBall, child's
Cat-Gallows nHurdle (sports)
Cauch nMess
Cauchery nMedicine
Cauk nScarecrow
Cavaldry nCavalry
Cave (1)nTomb
Cave (2)nFir cone
Cave (3)vWinnow corn
Cavil (1)vArgue
Cavil (2)nChaff
Cavings nChaff
Cawk vCry like startled chicken
Cawkey adjTouchy
Cawking adjAwkward
CentrynBog pimpernel
Certain SureadvCertain
Cess (1)nTax, local
Cess (2)nSuccess
Cess (3)vForm drops (of water)
Cess (4)int. vEat (order given to dogs)
Cess (5)nLayer
Ch pronI (before vowel)
Chack vThirsty
Chacks nCheeks
Chaffinger nDragonfly
Chain nWarp (in weaving)
Chaity adjNeat (of person)
Chalker nMarble made of chalk
ChallnBit for horse
Cham vChew
ChamcidernSedge warbler
Chammer vChatter
Chammish adjAwkward
Champ nScold
Champer nChamfer
Champer nTool used in threshing barley
Champeron nSt George's mushroom
ChanchidernSedge warbler
Chandler's Cut nFlank steak
Chanker nChink
Chanks nCheeks, pig's
Channel nDitch
Channel-Goose nGannet
Channest nChallenge
Channy nSedge warbler
Chap nFarm labourer
Chark nCharcoal
Charky adjLumpy
Chass vHerd sheep
Chastise vAccuse
Chat (1)nTwig
Chat (2)nWheatear
Chat (3)nChild
Chat (4)nKitten
Chaum nCrack in ground caused by dry weather
Chaunt vAnnoy
Chawdaw nChaffinch
Chawdon nChitterlings
Chawl nCheeks, pig's
Cheat nShirt front, loose
Cheat nBearded darnel
Cheatery nCheating
Checker nDraughts
Cheep n/vWhisper
Chelp vChirp
Chemis vTreat medically
Cherry adjRuddy
Cherry-Curds nFirst milk drawn from a cow after calving
Chesle-MoneynCoins, Roman
Chess nRows of corn in an ear
Chessaroon nToadstool
Chestlecrumb nDormouse
Chevy vChase
Chewery adjSour
Chib nShoot of potato
ChibbolenSpring onion
Chickell nWheatear
Chicket nDormer window
Chicket adjCheerful
Chid nEwe, young
Chide adjChiding
Chill nChild
Chil-Bladder nChilblain
Childag nChilblain
Childern nChildren
Children of Israel nBellflower
Chill vWarm (of liquid)
Chimble vNibble
Chime nBarrel-end
Chimp vGerminate
Chim-Cham vWaffle
Chin-bow-dash nCravat
Chin-stay nChinstrap
Chine (1)nSpine
Chine (2)nGully
Chink (1)nChaffinch
Chink (2)nPrison
Chinkers nFissures
Chip (1)nPart of a plough to which the share is fastened
Chip (2)vButt in
Chipping nMarket
Chippings nGravel
Chiselly nGritty
Chissel-Bob bWoodlouse
Chissocked adjCongested (of chest)
Chissom nShoot of potato
Chit (1)nShoot of potato
Chit (2)nThird swarm of bees from one hive
Chitchat nMountain ash
Chitter vChatter
Chivvels nSpring onion
Chivy nChaffinch
Chock nWedge
Chockle vCackle
Chocky adjDry (of food)
Chog nLog
Choice adjFastidious
Choice And Cheep nChiff-chaff
Choke-dognCheese, hard
Choke-sparrownWheat, bearded
Choke (1)nMistake (in country dance)
Choke (2)nTwist at the end of a straw-bind
Choller nDouble chin
Choogey nPig, child's name for
Chook intCall to pigs
Choppekin nPig's cheek
Chopper nPig's cheek
Chough nJackdaw
Chounting pplTaunting
Chower nMess
Chowl nLog
Chowter (1)nFishmonger, female
Chowter (2)vGrumble
Christ-Cross nMark of person unabe to sign their name
Chrismer nSickly child
Christian nHuman
Chubble-Headed adjFoolish
Chubby nHedge sparrow
Chubby-Head nLamprey
Chuck (1)intCall to pigs
Chuck (2)nThroat
Chuck (2)nLog
Chuckley adjAdulterated (of bread)
Chucks nPinched grains of wheat in the husk
Chucky adjCherry red
Chucky-Cheese nMallow seeds
Chuck-Full adjBrim-full
Chuff (1)adjBad-tempered
Chuff (2)adjChubby
Chuff (3)adjChuffed
Chug intCall to pigs
Chum adjSurly
Chump vEat noisily
Chump-Head nIdiot
Chun nWoman, worthless
Churchman nReader in church
Churchwarden nCormorant
Church-Hay nChurchyard
Church-Litten nChurchyard
Churk nUdder
Churly adjRough
Churm n/vChurn
Churn-Owl nNightjar
Chuter vFlatter
Cider-cheesenSolid matter left in cider jar
Cider-gearnCider-making apparatus
Cider-hairsnHair-cloth for straining cider must
Cider-horsingnStands for cider casks
Cider-kinnWashings after th best cider is made
Cider-mucknRefuse from cider press
Cider-poundnCider press
Cider-winenCider with added sugar and spices
Cider-wringnCider press
Civil adjGood-natured (of animals)
Clacker nRattle
Clacket nRacket
Clad nClod
Clam (1)vStarve
Clam (2)nPit
Clam (3)vPeal
Clam (4)nBridge made from plank or log
Clam (5)vSmear
Clammer nTongue
Clammer vClamber
Clamp nHeater of box-iron
Clamp nFootstep, heavy
Clamper nDifficulty
Clapered adjBedraggled
Clappaty advLimping
Clapper (1)nBridge made from plank or log
Clapper (2)nRabbit hole
Clapperclaw (1)vMaul
Clapperclaw (2)vScold
Clapse n/vClasp
Clarent (1)adjSmooth (of timber)
Clarent (2)adjSkinny
Clash nGrain (of wood)
Clat (1)adjCold
Clat (2)nClout
Clat (3)nSwearing
Clathers nClothes
Clatter nMoraine, granite
Clatty adjIn large clods (of earth)
Claut nMarsh marigold
Claver nClover
Claw-illnUlcer in the feet of cattle
Clay nTremor
Clayen adjClay, made of
Cleachers nLayers of hedge
CleaningnPlacenta of livestock
Clearings nApples left over after harvest
Cleaty adjClammy
Cleavers nGoose-grass
Clecky adjEnfeebled
Cledgy adjClayey (of soil)
Cleeve nSteep side of a hill
Clef nHandful of hay
Cleft nBlacksmith's tool for cutting iron
Clefty adjSteep
Clem nSt Clement's Day festival
Clent vClinch (nails)
ClevisnU-shaped piece of iron which attaches the foot-pin of a plough to the bodkin
Clew nCoil of rope
Clib vAdhere
Click (1)vBecome ill
Click (2)adjCompletely
Click (3)adjLeft
Clicker nTongue
Click-Bed nHopscotch
Cliders nGoose-grass
Clidgy nToffee, treacle
Climmer vClimb
Climmy adjClammy
Clinchingnet nNet, fishing
Clink (1)vFake-limp
Clink (2)nCalf-muscles
Clinker nIcicle
Clinking adjExcellent
ClintvClinch (nails)
Clipper n/vKnock
Clipse n/vClasp
Clit VTangle
Clitch (1)vClutch
Clitch (2)nCrotch
Clitter nMoraine, granite
Clitterclatter intClip-clop
Clivan nBird trap
Cliver nGoose-grass
Cliver and ShiveradvTotally
Clize nWater valve
Cloam nCrockery
Clob nPeat-earth
Clock (1)vGurgle (of water)
Clock (2)nCockchafer
Clodpole nBuffoon
Cloddy adjHeavy-set
Clodge nClay, lump of
Clodgy adjPlump
Clog nRestraint for animal
Cloggy adjWaterlogged
Clogweed nCow-parsnip
Cloichy adjSticky
Clomber vClamber
Clop (1)vLimp
Clop (2)vUse
Closh nDutchman
Clost advClose
Closure nClincher (in argument)
Clothen adjCloth, made of
Cloty adjCovered with water-lilies (of stream)
Clot-Head nFool
Clouted nClotted (of cream)
Clover-Lay nClover-field, former
Clow (1)nClaw
Clow (2)nSluice-gate
Clowe nHaystack
Club-walknAnnual festival of friendly society
Clubby (1)adjSturdy
Clubby (2)adjSticky
Cludgy (1)adjSturdy
Cludgy (2)adjSticky
Clum (1)vManhandle
Clum (2)vRake peat
Clum (3)vClutches
Clum (4)nPeat-rake
Clum (5)nPeat-cake
Clumpet nClod of earth
Clumput vStamp around noisily
Clunchy adjClumsy
Clunge vCrowd
Clunk vSwallow
Clunt vSwallow
Cluster nCowberry
Clut pplGlutted
Clutch nCommon knotgrass
Clutched hennHen sitting on eggs
Clutters nPart of the tackling of a plough
Cluttersome adjBlustery
Cluttery adjRainy
Clutter-Headed adjStupid
Cly sbGoose-grass
Clyse (1)nEnclosure, animal
Clyse (2)nFloodgate
Clyten adjSickly
Clytey adjDiseased
Co intCor
Coaching vDrinking beer in the harvest fields
Coad adjDiseased (of sheep)
Coaly vBlacken
Coal-Hood nBullfinch
Coal-Varty vWarm a bed
Coast vFly (of hawk)
Coath nSheep-rot
Coathy adjDiseased (of sheep)
Cobb (1)nCommon gull
Cobb (2)nHarbour
Cobb (3)nMixture of straw, lime, gravel and clay, used as a building material
Cob.Irons nAndirons
Cobbler nTurkey (bird)
Cobby adjCob-like (of horse)
Cock nHaystack
Cockagee nCider apple, variety of
Cocked adjDrunk
Cockeltybread nChildren's game
Cocker (1)nCock-fighter
Cocker (2)vPamper
Cocker (3)nLight plough-horse
Cockernony nCock's egg, from which a cockatrice is hatched
Cockle (1)nRipple
Cockle (2)vTotter
Cockle-Shell nSnail shell
Cocks nCockles
Cocksheddle vSomersault
Cocky (1)nSmart young man
Cocky (2)vStartle (of horse)
Cocky-Baby nCuckoo-pint
Cocky-Warny nLeapfrog
Cock-Anterbury Seed nPicrotoxin
Cock-Horse nSide-saddle
Cock-Light nDaybreak
Cock-Loft nGarret
Cock-Shut nPath cut through woodland for woodcocks to fly through
Cod (1)nSeed-pod
Cod (2)nMiddle of a sickle blade
Coddle nStew
Coddle-Farting vFussing
Codgel nPig's cheek
Codlings-And-Cream nGreat hairy willow-herb
Codlins nGreat hairy willow-herb
Codnogger nGossip
Coe nSheep-rot
CoepnQuart jug
Coffer nChest
Coggy nSquirrel
Coglers nPot-hooks
Coil (1)nFlock of teal
Coil (2)vStack hay
Coilers vBreeching of harness
Coin (1)nCorner
Coin (2)nCrab, female
Coit vThrow
Coke vMake charcoal
Cokers vReapers
Colbern nCarriage, covered
Colbrand nSmut in wheat
Colder nCooler, blacksmith's
Cole nCabbage
Coll vEmbrace
Colley (1)nCoal-dust
Colley (2)nBlackbird
Colley (3)nCollar
Collet nColewort
Collogue vConspire
Collop nBacon rasher
Collywobble adjUneven
Colour nFlag
Colouring nAnnato
Coltree adjPlayful
Colt-Pixy nPixy in the shape of a horse
Comb nMallet
Combe nValley
Come vCurdle (of milk)
Comeling nStray
Comfable nComforter
Comfort nSweetmeat
Comfortable stuffnLiquor, Medicinal
Comical adjOdd
Coming To nEntrance
Comings In nIncome
Commandement nCommand
Commerce nCommunication
Commony nMarble made of coloured clay
Compare nComparison
Composture nComposition
Con vKnock
Conceit vImagine
Conder advYonder
Condick nConduit
Condiddle vSteal
Condudle nConceit
Coney nRabbit
Cone-Wheat nWheat, bearded
ConfoundvWear out
Conjobbe vRepair ineptly
Conk (1)nNose
Conk (2)vCroak (of ravens)
Conker nSnail shell
Conners nFish, bottom-feeding
Contraption nBelongings
Contry adjContrary
Conveniency nConvenience
Convoy vEscort
Conyger nRabbit warren
Cooch and CornernNook and cranny
Cooche adjLeft-handed
Coochy adjLeft-handed
Cook (1)vKill
Cook (2)vThrow
Cook potvCook
Cook-Stool nDucking stool
Coolder adjCooler
Cooler nTub in which malt liquor is cooled
Coolthe nCoolness
Coom nGrease, congealed
Coop n/vStitch
Coopy-House nHouse,small
Coor nShift, miners'
Coose n/vGossip
Cooted adjSlanted
Cooten nIdiot
Cooten vSquirm
Coo-Ter vCoo (of pigeon)
Cop vThrow
Cope (1)vDefeat
Cope (2)vMuzzle
Copings nWheat left in seive during winnowing
Coppery adjCostly
Copper-Clouts nGaiters
Coppie nChicken
Copse (1)nTuft of grass
Copse (2)nIron in harness by which foot-chain is attached to bodkin
Copy of your countenancenDeception
Copy-Loaf nDumpling, large
Corbett nTub used for salting meat
Cork, save avInvite a neighbour to share a beer before corking the keg
Cork nCrush
Corky adjIrritable
Cormous adjHungry
Cornder nCorner
Cornish JacknChough
CornishvUse one glass or pipe among several in turns
Corniwillen nLapwing
Cornobble vHit on head
Cornoral-Oath nOath, coroner's
Coronel nGarland
Corpel nCorporal
Corrosy nVendetta
Corts nCarrots
Cosset adjHand-reared
Cost nCorpse
Costard nCustard-apple
Costrel nBottle, wooden
CotchelnOdd quantity of grain
Cote nEnclosure, hillside
Cotswold Barley, It's as long coming in asphrSlow but sure
Cotton-lovenLove, Platonic
Cotton (1)vThrash
Cotton (2)nBond
Couk vCroak
Counter-jumpernDraper's assistant
Counterfeit nCrab, hermit
Coup nBasket requiring two people to carry
Courage adjCourageous
Courant n/vRomp
Courtledge nOutbuildings
Courtship and matrimonyvRubbing the hand up and down the face
Cove adjHollow
Covel-sticknPole put through the handles of a COUP (qv)
Coven-Tree nMealy guelder-rose
Cow nCowl of chimney
Cowell nFish-basket
Cowerd adjRaw (of milk)
Cowing vMilking
Cowl nTub, large
Cowowing vCawing of rooks
Cow-Sharn nCow-dung
Coxy nCocky
Coy nDecoy (in duck hunting)
Coy-Duck nDecoy (in duck hunting)
Co-Hobe intCall for sheep or cattle
Crab-stocknWild apple trees on which apples are grafted
Crab-wortnCider, sour
CrabalorginnCrab, thornback
Crabbun nCoward
Cracken adjCracked
Crackil nWren
Cracky nWren
Craiky adjDecrepit
Crak nSkillet
Crake (1)vGrumble
Crake (2)vCreak
Cram nCrease
Cramp-bonenSheep's knuckle
Cramp (1)nIron, bent
Cramp (2)nCake, poor-quality
Cramp (3)adjCramped
Crample vCramped
Crams nWhims
Crancum nPrank
Crandum nThroat
Crank (1)nBranch, dead
Crank (2)vCroak
Cranky adjMerry
Crankety adjBad-tempered
Crany (1)nCrumb
Crany (2)adjMiserly
Crap vSnap
Crappet (1)adjIntelligent
Crappet (2)adjScanty
Crass adjBad-tempered
Cratch nHook, thatcher's
Crave vLay claim to
Cravel nClavel
Cravidge intWord used in games to indicate that the person is out of the game
Craw vCrow (of cock)
Craze v/nCrack
Crazy nButtercup
Creamy-faced adjPale-faced
Crease (1)nRoof-tile
Crease (2)vIncrease
Cree intStop play
Creed nDuckweed
Creedle vCreep
Creem vSqueeze
Creen vWhinge
Creeny adjTiny
Creep vDrag for submerged contraband
Creeper (1)nMaggot
Creeper (2)nGrapnel
Creeplin vCreeping
Creepy-Crawly advTwilight
Creesy-Creesy nButtercup
Creeve vChoose a partner in a game
Creeze adjDainty
Cress nRidge-tile
Cresset nWater figwort
Cresshawk nKestrel
Creusle vGrumble
Crew nTang of scythe-blade
Crewe nPen (for livestock)
Crewel (1)nThreads used in needlework
Crewel (2)nCowslip
Crewnt vGrumble
Crib nSnack
Cribber (1)nHorse that gnaws the manger
Cribber (2)nCrupper
Cribble vCreep
Cribbles nOnions
Crick (1)nDelusion
Crick (2)nNoise, sudden
Crick (3)nNook
Cricket nStool
Crickle vKnuckle under
Crickling nApple, prematurely ripe
Cricks nHedgewood, dry
Criddlin Pudden nWhite pudding
Crids nCurds
Crig vCram
Crijarly intCrikey
Crile intCrikey
Crim nCrumb
Crimany intCrikey
Crimassy intCrikey
Crimcram nCrevice
Crime nGossip
Crimp nCrumb
Crimp adjCreepy
CringlevFasten gate with a rope
Crink (1)nCrevice
Crink (2)nApple, small sweet
Crinks and cranksnGobbledegook
Crinkling nApple, small sweet
Crinkum-Crankum nGadget
Crint vGrunt
Crip v/nCrop
Cripner nCrupper
Cripping nHarness worn by fore-horse
Cripple vHobble
Crips adjCrisp
Crish (1)vCrush
Crish (2)nCrash
Crisp nCrackling, pork
Crissle nGristle
Critch (1)nVessel, earthenware
Critch (2)nLimestone
Critch (3)nCrossbar of a spade handle
Critical adjDangerous
CrittensnMeat, small pieces of strained from lard
Croach vEncroach
Croak vDie
Croaky adjSickly (of plant)
CrocknHorse, old
Crockerty nCrockery
Crockery-Bread nGame, childrens
Crocket nPoint of a stag's horn
Crocodile nHolly
Croddy nFeat, daring
Cronk vCroak
Crony vGossip
Croodle vCoo like a dove
Crook nSatan
Croon vWhine
Croop vRake
Croopy vCrouch
CrootsnDog food
Crope vCrept
Croping adjMiserly
Crouch nWrinkle
Crouse intCrikey
Croust nCrust
Crousty adjGrouchy
Crow (1)nFatty tissue around pig's liver
Crow (2)n/vClaim
Crowd (1)nFiddle
Crowd (2)vCreak
Crowdy (1)nTurnover (pie)
Crowdy (2)nFiddle
Crowdy (3)nPig's head soup
Crown vCoroner's inquest, hold a
Crownation nCoronation
Croze nScalpel, cooper's
Crub (1)nCrust
Crub (2)nCrook used for holding saddlebags
Crub (3)nCrib
Crub (4)adjCurved
Crucifixion vCross-draining (of field)
Cruckle vCrouch
Crud nCurds
Cruddle (1)vCurdle
Cruddle (2)vCrinkle (of cloth)
Crumbs, pick up one'svImprove in health
Crumble nMorsel
Crummet nCrumb
Crummy (1)adjJolly
Crummy (2)adjPlump
Crump (1)vCrunch with teeth
Crump (2)adjHunchbacked
Crumple-lilynTiger lily
Crumpled adjTwisted
Crumpler nCravat
Crumpling nApple, small and wrinkled
Crumply adjWrinked
Crunch nMorsel
Crundel nRavine
Crundles nLymph-nodes, swollen
Crup nGinger biscuit
Crutlins nMeat, small pieces of strained from lard
Cry intSurprise, exclamation of
Crymaces intSurprise, exclamation of
Crystals nDamsons
Cra-Ler (1)vSwarm
Cra-Ler (2)vInfest
Cub nTrough
Cubadee nChick
Cuckle nBurdock fruit
Cuckold nBurdock fruit
Cucumbers nYellow iris, seed vessels of
Cud adjComfortable
CuddickwaayintCome this way (to horse)
Cuddley nWren
Cuddly nCalf
Cuddy (1)nWorkmate
Cuddy (2)nWren
Cudgelling vCudgel-play
Cue nShoe of ox
Cuff vPour
Cuit nEdible
Culch nRubbish
Cull nEuropean Bullhead
Cullack nOnion
Culm nNutty slack
Culver nWoodpigeon
Culverkey nBluebell
Culvers nBluebell
Cumberment nEncumbrance
Cummy nBread, stale
Cunie nAlgae
Cunniffle vDissemble
Cunny-fingered nWith thumb bent into fist to shoot marbles
Cupboard, so lew as aphrSheltered
Cup-Shaky adjApt to splinter into ircular pieces (of wood)
Curb n/vCurve
Curchie vCurtsey
Curdle (1)nCurd
Curdle (2)nCurl of hair
Curdles nMumps
Curflummox adjHeavy (of fall)
Curious adjDainty
Curlick nMustard, wild
Curmson adjCrimson
Curr nGoldeneye
Current-Money nShilling given to bind a bargain
Curridge vEncourage
Curry nWagon, rough
Curry-Pig nSuckling pig
Curst (1)nCrust
Curst (2)adjCursed
Cusey vExchange
Cushat nWoodpigeon
Cushion-dancenCountry dance, type of
Cushion-thumpernPreacher, Methodist
Cusnation adjGosh-darned
Cussen upvTrain
Cussin-daynAsh Wednesday
Cussin-servicenAsh Wednesday, liturgy of
Custis nPaddle (used by schooleachers for corporal punishment)
Customary adjChartered (of land)
Cute adjSharp-witted
Cutlash nCutlass
Cutlegs nShin-kicking
Cutlings nOatmeal
Cutter nCombine harvester
Cutter vWhisper
Cutter-Lug nBar used to suspend pot over hearth
Cutting-knifenKnife used for mowing hay
Cutty (1)nPipe, clay
Cutty (2)nWren
Cutty (3)nHobgoblin
Cymblin nSimnel cake