Vo’kspeech Wordlist/D

Daak adjDirty
Dab vDaub
Dabber nLittle grebe
Dabbers nChildrens game played with flintstones
Dabbit (1)nSmall quantity
Dabbit (2)nDoughnut
Dabble vPaddle
Dabbly adjShowery
Dabby adjFlabby
Dabby-Nointer nDirty person
Dabchick nMoorhen
Dabrified adjFaded
Dace vSplash
Dacious adjAudacious
Dack nBlow, light
Dacker n/vTaunt
DaddesnHands (child's word)
Daddle (1)nHand
Daddle (2)vAnnoy
Daddock nDeadwood
Daffer nCrockery
Daffinch nChaffinch
Dag nDew
Daggle vTrail in wet or dirt
Daglet vIcicle
Dain (1)nStink
Dain (2)vSharpen
Dainty adjFoul-smelling
Dairous adjDaring
Dairy-goodsnDairy products
Daisymore, under theadjBuried
Dake (1)vPrick
Dake (2)vPoke
Daker (1)nCorncrake
Daker (2)nWhetstone
Dallers nDolours
Dally vIndulge
Dally-Bones nKnees
Dammering vGoading others into dangerous feats
Damsel (1)nIron rod that shakes the shoot of the hopper in a corn mill
Damsel (2)nDamson
Dancy vDandle an infant
Dand nDandy
Dane nRedhead
DangerousadjIll, seriously
Danglet nIcicle
DapvSkip along
Dappy-Door-NightnNight before Shrove Tuesday
Dap-Chick nDabchick
Dar nWash, quick
Dare upvWake up
Darksome adjGloomy
Darling nRunt
Darous adjDaring
Darricky adjRotten
Dartmoor StablesnBog-holes on Dartmoor
Darze thy backintDamn your hide
Dashell nThistle
Dash-An-Darras nStirrup-cup
Dass intDash (expletive)
Datch n/vThatch
Dather vBewilder
Datter nTag (game)
Daunt vTame
Dave vThaw
Daving nPartition, boarded
Davison nPlum, variety of
Dawdle nLazy person
Dawk vDig
Dawks nSlattern
Dawl vStrike
Dawn adjDamp
Dawther vTremble
Daytal nDay labourer
Deal nNipple
Dean RulernDean, rural
Deathly-Like advDeathly
Deave vDeafen
Debut nFirst line thrown out of the boat by salmon fishers in the Severn
Decker vDecorate
Decline nTuberculosis
Deda adjSimple-minded
DeenIron, D-shaped
Deedy adjIndustrious
Deer's foot grassnBristle-grass
Deer's milknWood-spurge
Dee-Gee nDance, kind of
Deficient ofadvInstead of
Delicate BessnRed valerian
Dell nPit
Dem intInsulting expression used to woman
Dene nSandbanks
Denial nDisadvantage
Denshire vBurn dried turf
Denture nIndenture
Deray nUproar
DerricknPixie, evil
Derruck nWorry
Derrymouse nDormouse
Detriment (1)nHarm
Detriment (2)nInjury
Device nMedical equipment
Deviling nSwift (bird)
Devonshire BeautynDwarf white-flowered phlox
Devonshire Coat-of-ArmsnMark or scar on a horse's knees caused by a fall
Devonshire MarknMark or scar on a horse's knees caused by a fall
Devonshire MyrtlenBog myrtle
Devonshire WinenCider
Devon-Evver nDarnel
Devourous adjRavenous
Dewberry nBlackberry, variety of
Dewsiers nValves of a pig's heart
Dew-Claw nClaw on stag's foot
Dey nDairymaid
Deyan vDamn
DibnGame played with knuckle-bones of sheep
Dibben nVeal, fillet of
Dicker, All in aadjHuddled
DiddikynKettle, Romani
Diddle (1)nLook busy without accomplishing anything
Diddle (2)intCall to ducklings
Diddle (3)vGossip
Diddlecome adjAngry
Didjan nMorsel
Dido nAntics
Differ nDifference
Digger vCoalesce
Digging nStratum
Diggle (1)nCluster of fruit
Diggle (2)vGrow thickly together
Dight nProud person
Dildrams nTall tales
Dill (1)nShaft of wagon
Dill (2)vDress up
Dill (3)intCall to ducklings
Dill (4)nTeat of sow
Dillijon nCart, heavy two-wheeled
Dilling nDarling
Dillo nWater used in making mortar
DillonsnEarth heaps used as boundary-markers on Berkshire Downs
Dilly (1)nWagon, light
Dilly (2)adjEccentric
Dill-Cup nCorn buttercup
Dim nMidsummer night
Dimmet nDusk
Dimmie nIndentation in ground
Dimps nDusk
Dinch adjDeaf
Dinch-Pick nDung-fork
Dinge vSoil
Dingle (1)nRavine
Dingle (2)vDangle
Dings nOsier bed
Dink vDandle an infant
DinketvDandle an infant
Dippity-WashtynPied wagtail
Dird nThread
Direct nLeadership skills
Direction nAddress
Dirsh nThrush
Disanfrenly adjUnfriendly
Discharge vForbid
Dishabille nWorkwear
Disheighten vDisparage
Disle nThistle
Dismollish vDemolish
Dispraise nDisparagement
Disprove vDisapprove
Disremember vForget
Dissight nEyesore
Distinguisher nExtinguisher
Distract vMadden
Distraction nSubtraction
Disturve vDisturb
Dit nDirt
Ditement nIndictment
Dither vShiver
Ditter (1) nTag (game)
Ditter (2) vBewilder
Diver vWither
Do nTreatment
DoatyvNod the head while dozing
Dob nDollop
Dobbett nBucket
Docit adjIntelligent
Docity nGumption
Dockery-Stick nWood, phosphorescent
Documentize vPreach
Documenty vLecture
Dod (1)nReed-mace
Dod (2) nHeap
Dodd vTrim
DodderkyadjRotten (of wood)
Doddle (1)vDawdle
Doddle (2)vFondle
Doddle-Grass nQuaking-grass
Doddy (1)adjTiny
Doddy (2)nIdiot
Dodment nAxle-grease
Doe nStag beetle, female
Dog vChase with dogs
Dogged adjLong (of distance)
Doggery nTrickery
Doil vTalk nonsense
Doiled adjConfused
Doings nFestivities
Doit vDement
Dolard vPollard
Doldrum nDelusion
Dole (1)nAllotment
Dole (2)nMisfortune
Doll (1)nRunt
Doll (2)vToll (bell)
Dollar nFive-shilling piece
Dolly-Mop nFlirt
Dolour nMelancholy
Domp adjDumpy
Donk adjDank
Donny nFishing net, small
Doodle vFritter away time
Dool nBoundary mark
Dooming nJudgement
Doppet vPlay a musical instrument jerkily
Dor vFrighten
Dorr nBee
Dorchester Butt, Big as aphrObese
Dormouse nBat
Dorymouse nDormouse
Dose nDrug
Dosser nPannier
Dossity adjInfirm
DotchellnAnimal, small
Dotterel nPollard
Doublets nTwin lambs
Double-Bakes nSlices of stale bread for toast
Doubtsome adjDoubtful
Doucet-PienSweet herb pie
Douch vBathe
Doughy adjSilly
Dough-Fig nTurkey fig
Dount vDent
Doush vDouse
Douty adjOver-ripe (of pears)
Dove vThaw
DowdnCap, woman's
Dowl nDown (feathers)
Down-lanternnHeap of chalk marking the path from one village to another over the Wiltshire Downs
Downarg vBrowbeat
Downy adjCunning
DowsetsnTesticles of stag
Dowst intDeuce
Doyle vSquint
Dozen nQuantity
DozynWoman, smartly-dressed
Drab Anointed nWoman, mischievous
Drabbet nLinen, twilled
Drabble vTrail in wet or dirt
DragglevTrail in wet or dirt
Drail (1)vWalk draggingly
Drail (2)nCorncrake
Drain nDrop (of liquid)
Drakes nSlop
Drale nOak blossom
Drane (1)nDrone wasp
Drane (2)vDrone (in speaking)
Drang nAlleyway
Drangut nAlleyway
Drapper nTub from which calves are fed
Drash vThrash
Drashel (1)nFlail
Drashel (2)nThreshold
Drattle vThrottle
Draughty adjWindy
Drave (1)nFlock (of animals)
Drave (2)vSlave
Dravel vDribble
Drawn nDrain
Drawt nThroat
Draw-Latch (1) nIdler
Draw-Latch (2) vProcrastinate
Draw-Latchet vDawdle
Dray (1)nSledge
Dray (2)nNest, large
Draybling nDribbling child
Drazil-drezzlenUnkempt person
Dread n/vThread
Dreadful advVery
Dream-Hole nArrow-slit
Dreaten vThreaten
Dredge (1)adjMultigrain
Dredge (2)nFlour-box
Dredge (3)nBush-harrow
Dreep vDrip
Drench nCatarrh
Drent (1)nStain on linen
Drent (2)adjDrenched
Dressing nClothes
Drestall nScarecrow
Drew adjDrowsy
Drewzens nDregs
Drexil nThreshold
Drib nDrop (of liquid)
Dridle (1) nBowl-gouge
Dridle (2) vTwirl a mop
Driggle-Draggle adjSlovenly
Drill (1)nBowl-gouge
Drill (2)vTwirl a mop
Drillen adjDripping wet
Drillock nGutter (by roadside)
Drim vCrush
Drimble vDawdle
DrimmelvSuffer pain
Dring vCrush
Dringet nThrong
Dringingly advSparingly
Dringle nThrong
Drinky adjDrunk, slighly
Dripmy-Bit nThree pence piece
Dripper nVessel to catch dripping
Dripple nMovable rail on cart or wagon
Drith nMallet, thatcher's
Drizzle vDrift along
Drock (1)nDitch
Drock (2)nHitch (of plough)
Dromedary nBlack knapweed
Droo (1)prepThrough
Droo (2)adjDroll
Drooty adjDroopy
Dropper nWire, taut
Dropping nFlock (of shelducks)
Drough adjThorough
Drouson nPottage of bran and ale
Drove nCart-track
Drow (1) vThrow (in wrestling)
Drow (2) v/adjDry
Droxy adjRotten (of wood)
Droy nThunderbolt
Drub vTrudge
Druck vOverfill
Druckstool nThreshold
Druck-Pieces nPieces of wood let into a wall to support a pipe
Drudge (1)vDredge
Drudge (2) nFlour-box
Druff nDrain, covered
Drug (1) nTug
Drug (2) vDrag
Drugs nDregs
Druids' Hair nMoss, long
Drum nDishcloth
Drumbelo nDullard
Drumble vFumble
Drunch vDrench
Drunder-Dash nDownpour
Drunge (1)vCrush
Drunge (2) vEmbarrass
Drunkard's cloaknBarrel worn as punishment for drunkenness
Drunken sailornRedspar valerian
Drushel nThreshold
Druss nSlope
Dryland cuckoonWhite meadow saxifrage
Drysy adjThirsty
Dryth nDrought
Dthong nCramp
Dub-hedgenHedge made of bushes staked to a bank
Dub vPelt
Dubbing nTallow
Dubby adjOily
Duberous adjDubious
Dubersome adjDubious
Dubitous adjDubious
Dubs intCry used in marbles
Duce nJuice
Duck nDusk
Ducket nBill-hook
Ducksey-Doosey nTerm of endearment
Duckuts nGame played with bricks or stones
Duddle (1)vStartle
Duddle (2)vBoil
Duddled adjBedraggled
Dudge nWad
Dudmun nAxle-grease
Duff vFly awkwardly (of insects)
Duffan vPrig
DuffernWomen's wear, seller of
Dug (1)nDowel
Dug (2)nDuck
Dug (3)vDuck
Dug (4)vGird
Dug (5)vDirty
Duggle vRain heavily
Duggytratty adjShort-legged (of animal)
Duke nFool
Dukin-Time nTime of the Monmouth Rebellion
Dulkin nRavine
Dumbfounder vStun
Dumbledore nBumblebee
Dummell (1)nFool
Dummell (2)adjSlow-witted
Dummerhead nFool
Dummy nMute (n)
Dump (1)nSweetmeat, coarse
Dump (2)vBlunt
DumpheadnMiller's Thumb (fish)
Dumps nDusk
Dumpy adjSullen
Dum-Put nDung-pot
Dunch (1)vNudge
Dunch (2)adjDeaf
Dunder nThunder
Dunderpate nDunderhead
Dungy adjTired
Dunnekin nLatrine
Dunnies nWater-docken
Dunny adjDeaf
Dunsepoll nThick-skulled person
Dunse-Hook nBrushing hook with long handle, used for lopping hedges
Duns-Pick nDung fork
Dunt (1)nBlow
Dunt (2)vDeafen
Dun-Daisy nOx-eye daisy
Dup (1)vClose
Dup (2)vWalk quickly
Dure vEndure
Durgan nDwarf
Durgin nThug
Durn nJamb
Duroy nWoollen fabric, coarse
Durried adjBewildered
Dursh nThrush (bird)
Dusty adjFlour, covered in
Dutchman's BreechesnSeal-flower
Dutchman's PipenBroad-leafed birthwort
Duther vDeafen
Dwale nDeadly nightshade
Dwall vBabble
Dwam vSwoon
Dwarf EldernGround-ash
Dwine vDwindle
Dwyes nEddies