Vo’kspeech Wordlist/G

Gabbard adjDerelict (of house)
Gabbern adjBare (of room)
Gach nDirt
Gaff (1)nHook
Gaff (2)nSideshow
Gaffle (1)nDung-fork
Gaffle (2)vFlock
Gaffle (3)nPadding (for cudgel-play)
Gaft nEel-hook
Gag intCall to geese
Gagement nEngagement
Gage-Ring nEngagement ring
Gain adjDirect (of road)
Gait nTwo buckets carried with a yoke
Gaitle vWander
Gake vRuffle feathers
Galanda nVeranda
Galash vCover a shoe with leather
Gale (1)nBog-myrtle
Gale (2)nBull, gelded
Gale (3)nLicence to mine in the Forest of Dean
Galeeny nGuinea-fowl
Gale-Headed adjStupid
Gallant vFlirt with woman
Gallantee vGuarantee
GallervAdd cold water to boiling pot
Gallier nBeating
Galliganting adjClumsy
Galligant vGallivant
Galligantus nUngainly person or animal
Galligaskins nLeggings
Gallithumpians nDisruptors of elections
Gallitrap nCircle of grass into which anyone who steps will be delivered to justice
Gallon nUsed as a dry as well as a liquid measure
Gallop vBoil quickly
Gallow-Grass nHemp
Galls intGosh
Gallybagger nScarecrow
Gallycrow nScarecrow
Galva vThrob
Gambadoes nGaiters, leathern
Gamber nThigh
Gamester nCudgel player
Gammer nWoodlouse
Gammet nAmusement
Gammock nAmusement
Gammon nAmusement
Gammotty adjMouldy (of cheese)
Gamoon vRoam
Gamsy adjSticky
Gandigoslings nEarly purple orchis
Gane-Fish nGarfish
Gangageous adjCareful
Gannick vFrolic
Ganny nTurkey
Ganny-Wedge nWedge used in mining
Gant adjLanky
Gantry nFrame for casks
Gaowing vChiding
Gapes vGape
Gappy adjFar apart
Gapshly nFool
Garden-housenToilet, outside
Garland daynMayday
Garley-Gut nGlutton
Garlick nGarlic, wild
Garment nChemise
Garn (1)nGarden
Garn (2)nGranary
GarstonnEnclosure for cattle
Gashly adjGhastly
Gastly-Thoughted nAfraid of ghosts
Gatchel nMouth
Gatfer nOld man
Gaubber nWicket-keeper
Gaub-Hole nYorker, bowl a (cricket)
Gaudery nFinery
GaudynFeast-day at University of Oxford
Gauge-bricknBrick which shows, by change of colour, when an oven is hot enough for baking
Gauger nExciseman
Gaum (1)vManhandle
Gaum (2)vDirty
Gaun nGallon
Gavel vPay mining duty
Gavelkind nCustom of dividing up an estate among sons
Gaverhale nJack snipe
Gaw intGod
Gawan nBog-myrtle
Gawk (1)nCuckoo
Gawk (2)adjLeft-handed
Gawk (3)vSpit
Gawk (4)vSquelch (of ground)
Gawkum nFool
Gawney nFool
Gay n/vSee-saw
Gaysome adjCheerful
Gazey adjPublic
Geard nYard
Gearing nSide-rails of wagon
Gehezie-Cheese vCheese, poor quality
Gehoe nSledge
Geleez adjAbundant
GemminyintBy Gemini!
Genge nDepth (of soil)
Genteel adjAppropriate
Gentry-Man nGentleman
Georgy nStarling
Gerbe nHay, handful of
Gerred adjDirty
Gettet adjCracked, slightly
Gibber vSweat
Gibberwoling vCaterwauling
Gibble nOnion
Gibble-Gabble nBabble
GibbynSheep, child's name for
Gibby-legsnLegs thinner on calf-side
Gibby-heelsnHeels with chilblains
Giblets nFragments
Gicks nDry stalks of umbelliferous plants
Gid nDizziness
Giddling adjGiddy
Giddy adjFurious
Gide nJelly
Gidger nGridiron
Giffin nJiffy
Gig (1)nRowboat
Gig (2)vSnigger
Giggle vWriggle
Giglet nHoochie
Gildart nTrap, animal
Gill (1)nGround-ivy
Gill (2)nTimber-carriage
Gillet nThatcher's tool
Gilly nWallflower
Gilty adjGilded
Gilt-Cup nButtercup
Gimcrack adjUnreliable
Gimlet -eyedadjSquint-eyed
Gimmal nHinge
Gimmel nGambrel
Gimmer nEwe, young
Gin-and waternDeal conducted over a drink
Gin (1)vBegin
Gin (2)prepAgainst
Gindy nBandy (sport)
Ging vBewitch
Gingerbread-stonenOolite, bed of
Gird vSneer
Girdle (1)nGridiron
Girdle (2)nGreat deal
Girl nMaidservant
Girlopp nOaf
Girse nGirth
Girt nSaddle-girth
Gite nHabit
Gizer nMistle thrush
Gladdy nYellowhammer
Glade vLook slyly at
Glam (1)nNoise
Glam (2)nWound
Glam (3)vTether
Glare n/vGlaze (enamel)
Glassen adjGlass, made of
GlatnGap (in hedge)
GlaurnMud, liquid
Glaze vPolish
Glean (1)nHandful of corn
Glean (2)vLeer
Gleany nGuinea-fowl
Gleed nSpark
Glib (1)nRam, castrated
Glib (2)nBoar, castrated
Glib (3)adjSmooth
Glibe nGlebe
Glide vSlide on ice
Glimpse of the EveningnTwilight
Glince adjSlippery
Glinder nShallow tub
Glir vSlide
Glister (1)vGlisten
Glister (2)nEnema
Glit vCram
Gloat vSulk
Globe nGlobeflower
Gloom vDarken
Glore vSquint
Glorum nFire, large
Glory-Hole nStore cupboard
Gloss nPegging-tops (game)
Glout vPout
Glove vMake gloves
GlownCoal, glowing
Glow vGlower
Glower nRock whiting
Glox vGurgle (of liquid)
Gloze nDelusion
GlubcalfnCalf raised for beef
Glum nGleam (of light)
Glump vLook miserable
Glumpy adjSullen
Glum-Pot nGallipot
Glunt vGlance
Glutch vSwallow with difficulty
Glüde vGlimmer
Gnaggle vGnaw
Gnaing vMock
Gnarl (1)nSwollen lymph node
Gnarl (2)vGnaw
Gnat nKnot (bird)
Gnif conjUnless
GoadsmannDriver of ox-team
Goat vSet up unbound corn in a field
Gob (1)nMouthful
Gob (2)nRubbish
Gobbalew nCoastguard
Gobbet nFragment of human flesh washed up after a shipwreck
Gobbles nSplashes caused by heavy rainfall
Godmer nWoman, old
Gog nBog
Goge intExclamation of disgust
Goggle vStagger
Goigh adjMerry
Golaightly adjWell-built
Gold nSweet-willow
Goldilocks nWood crowfoot
Gollack nGod (minced oath)
Gollaker nThroat
Gollop nDollop
Gommer nGrandmother
Gommered adjCobbled together
Gooden intGood evening
Goodger nMan, old
GoodgersnDevil, the (minced oath)
Gooding vThomasing
Goodman nPaterfamilias
Good-Den intGood evening
Gook nBonnet
Gooseberry mackerelnMackerel, variety of
Gooseberry-wifenCaterpillar, hairy
Goosen-Chick nGosling
Gooser nClincher (in argument)
Goosey-gandernEarly purple orchis
Gor nBuffoon
Gorb-Eel nBroad-nosed eel
Gor-Belly nGlutton
Gorcrow nCarrion crow
Gore (1)nLand, triangular piece of
Gore (2)nGoad
Gore (3)vFlay
Gore (4)vTrust
Gore-coatnPetticoat, gored
Gorgey vTremble
Gorm intDamn
Gorry adjObese
Gorse nFied restharrow
Gosling nCatkin
Goss vGuzzle
Gossan nYellow earth just above a mineral seam
Gotch nPitcher
Gote nDrain
Gourl vGrowl
Gout nDrain
Gowder vCopulate (of animals)
Gower nPlatter
Gowk nCuckoo
Gownd nGown
Goyle nGully
Grab (1)nCrab-apple
Grab (2)vDig up with bare hands
Grabble vGrab
Grabby adjDirty
Gracy daisynDaffodil
Graff (1)nPig, hand-reared
Graff (2)nDitch
Grafted adjDirty
Grained adjIngrained
Grainy adjBad-tempered
Gramfer nGrandfather
Grammary adjGrammatical
Grammy nGrandmother
Gramp nGrandfather
Grandfather nDaddy-long-legs
Grandfer nGrandfather
Grandmother's slippersnBird's-foot trefoil
Grange vGranary
Granny's nightcapnBindweed
Grape nGrapnel
Grapslin nTwilight
Grate (1)vGraze
Grate (2)vSnatch
Grater vGrind
Gratings nRight of feeding in the stubbles
Gravel pathnMilky Way, the
Graveling nSalmon, young
Graves nRefuse from tallow-making
GrawlvSalmon, young
Graze vFatten cattle
Greasy adjMuddy (of ground)
Greatish adjRather great
Gree vAgree
Greeable adjAgreeable
Greecums nWhims
Greensward nGrassland
Greet nSoil, fine
Greggle nHyacinth, wild
Gregory nDaffodil
Grew vAdhere to the pan while boiling (of milk)
GribnBite, unexpected (by animal)
Gribble (1)nBlackthorn, young
Gribble (2)nRefuse from lard
Griddle vGrind coarsely
Griddler nFork with seven tines, used chiefly for coal
Griffin nApple, variety of
Grig (1)nEel
Grig (2)nCricket (insect)
Grig (3)nPerson, cheerful
Grig (4)nBlackthorn
Grig (5)vPinch
Grig (6)adjFretful
Grigger-Cake nCrepe
Griggles nApples, small
Grill vSnarl (of dog)
Grim adjGrimy
Grin (1)nSnare
Grin (2)vGrimace
Grincums nSyphilis
Grinding-Stone nGrindstone
Gringel nViper's bugloss
Grintern nCompartment in granary
Grip (1)nDitch
Grip (2)nHandful
Griskin nPork chop
Gristling nPlum, wild
Grit nSandstone
Gritchie vFlinch
Grited vPlanted
Grizbite vGnash
Grize vGnash
Grizzle (1)vLaugh derisively
Grizzle (2)adjGrey
Grizzle (3)nSilicous bed of Upper Greensand
Grom vSoil
Groom nThatcher's tool
Groom-Keeper nOfficer of the New Forest
Groove nMine, lead
Grope vGrasp
Gropsing nDusk
Gross (1)adjStodgy (of food)
Gross (2)adjLuxuriant (of vegetation)
Grout nAle, new
Grout vRoot (like pig)
Grouty adjThreatening (of sky)
Groves nLesser duckweed
Grow vSprout
Growan nGranite, coarse
Growing vGood for plants (of weather)
Growze vShiver
Grozens nLesser duckweed
Grub (1)nBall bowled along the ground in cricket
Grub (2)vDig up by roots
Grubb nBed of stone in Swanage quarries
Grubbel nApple tree in a hedge
Gruchy vShrink up in pain
Grue vShudder
Gruels nPig fat from which lard has been extracted
Gruff vSnore
Grum adjSurly
Grumble adjDiscontented
Grump vGrumble
Grumpshun nGumption
Grumsel nDandelion
Grunter nSow (pig)
Grönshka nGrass on clod of earth
Gub nStone, misshapen
Gubb nThird wheel
Gubbarn nCesspit
Gubberty adjMisshapen
GubbingsnFish offal
Gubbins nDartmoor natives
Gubby nCrowd
Guckoo nCuckoo
Guddle vGuzzle
Gudgen nCutting (of plant)
Gudgeon nPivot of axle
Guess nType (in phrase "another guess of")
Guggle (1)nShell of snail
Guggle (2)vGurgle
GuilenVat (brewing)
Gule vMock
Gule vAmaze
Gulkin nDell
GullnGosling, unfledged
Gull-teasernCommon tern
Gullet nGully
Gullock vGulp down
Gully nGutter, deep
Gullymouth nPitcher
Gulp vMove sluggishly
Gulty-Cup nButtercup
Gumble vBe too large (of clothes)
Gummy adjSwollen (of ankles)
Gum-FlowernFlower, artificial
Gund nScabies (in sheep)
Gunny vLine up (of shot)
Gurbed adjMuddy
Gurdle vGrowl (of dog)
Gurgeons nBran
Gurl vGrowl (of dog)
Gurry nWheelbarrow
Gurt nRut (in road)
Gush vScare
Gusset nEarly purple orchis
Gut nGully
GutchieintCall to pigs
Guts vGuzzle
Gutted adjDirty
Gutter vGuzzle
Guttle vGuzzle
Gutty adjFat
Guzzen-DirtnDirt of mud-pools
Guzzle nGutter
Guzzle-Berry nGooseberry
Gwyle nGlen at mouth of stream
Gye nDitch, saltwater