Vo’kspeech Wordlist/H

Hab nWoof (in weaving)
Hab or NabphrWin or lose
Hack-horsenHorse drawing hackney carriage
Hacker nHedging hook
Hacket (1)vHack (cough)
Hacket (2)vHop
Hackle (1)nBeehive covering
Hackle (2)nCoxcomb
Hackle (3)vConspire
Hackle (4)vHaggle
Hackle (5)vShackle
Hackle (6)vApply oneself to
Hackling adjHacking (of cough)
Hackmal nBlue tit
Haddle vSprout (of plants)
Haddock-sandsnAreas frequented by haddock
Hade nHeadland
Haemony nLemon-scented agrimony
Haffer vPop (of seed pod)
Hag (1)nWitch
Hag (2)nHaw (fruit)
Hag (3)nLaziness
Hag (4)vChop
Hag (5)vPull
Hag (6)adjHaggard
HaggvEgg on
Haggage nBaggage (insult)
Hagger vChatter (of teeth)
Haggis nChitterlings
HagglenHaw (fruit)
Haggler nPedlar
Haggle-Cart nHorse and cart for hire
Haggle-Tooth nSnaggle-tooth
Hag-Berry nBird cherry
Hag-MallnLong-tailed tit
Haig-Raig adjBewildered
Hail vShout
Haily nOnrush
Hain vEnclose (of land)
Haining nEnclosure
Hairen adjHair, made of
Halcup nMarsh marigold
Hale (1)vPour
Hale (2)nRake used for removing stones from a brook
Hale (3)vHaul
Hale (4)adjUnhurt
Halfendeal nHalf
Halfing vCollecting birds' eggs for Garland Day
Halfpenny bitnHalfpenny
Halfpenny-Worth nSmall quantity
Halifax nHell (minced oath)
Hall (1)nHome
Hall (2)nHazelnut
Hallan nPartition in cottage
Hallantide nAll Saints' Week
HallowmasnAll Saints' Day
Halped adjDisabled
Halsen vPredict
Halt (1)nDefect
Halt (2)nDroppings, animal
Halvans nHalf of goods produced, given instead of wages
Halve vTurn over
Ham o' PorknHam, joint of
Ham (1)nPasture by riverside
Ham (2)nCalamine pit
Hamburgh nCollar of draught-horse
Hame, All tonIn pieces
Hame vFuck
Hamfleets nGaiters
Hamper vHinder
Hanch (1)nGatepost
Hanch (2)vBite (of animal)
Handing nSignpost
Handman nManservant
HandsomeadjGood-looking (of inanimate object)
Handtoggers nHandles of scythe
Hange nOffal
Hanger nHook for suspending pot above a fire
HanglenHook for suspending pot above a fire
Hangman n13½ pence
Hangment nHanging (execution)
Hangy adjClayey (of soil)
Hanker vLoiter
Hanky-Panky nTrickery
Hansel nHandle of flail
Hantings nHandles of scythe
Hants adjStill with milk teeth (of sheep or horses)
Hap vHappen
Happen vRattle
Happer vCrackle
HarbourernTracker (in stag-hunting)
Harden nCloth, coarse
Hare vHarass
Hare-Hunt nSkimmity ride
Harg vArgue
Hark vRetrace steps
Harl vEntangle
Harle nMist
Harled adjEared (of oats)
Harlican nIdle person
Harm nFever
Harness-tacknHook for harnesses
Harriage nDisturbance
HarrownPart of gate that is attached to the post
Harsh adjSevere (of weather)
Harve nHarrow
Harvest-Shrew nHarvest-mouse
Hash nRash
Haskets nBrushwood
Haskin nCheese, type of
Haslet nOffal
HastenernReflective screen to hasten cooking
Hastis adjHasty
Hat vCover stock of corn with sheaves
Hatch (1)nLine of raked hay
Hatch (2)vHarness
Hatch (3)vScrape bark from tree
Hatchet nHurdle
Hatchet, Swing thevBe lazy
Hathe nCovering, thick
Hathern nHand-rail
Hauchee-Pauchee nPotatoes, mashed
Haunt vAccustomed to, become
Haunty adjTemperamental (of horses)
Havage nLineage
Havance nManners
Haver nStag, castrated
Havoc nWaste
Haw (1)nOats, ear of
Haw (2)nYard
Haw (3)intTurn left (to cattle)
Hawch vEat noisily
Hay intHey
Haydigees nMerriment
Hayel nWindpipe
Haysuck nHedge sparrow
Hayty vMove up and down
Hayward nCowboy
Haze vAir-dry
Hazel nHaw (fruit)
Hazen vScold
Hazle vAir-dry
Headache nPoppy
Headland adjUnploughed land at end of field
Headlong nUnploughed land at end of field
Headmost adjTopmost
Heady adjHeadstrong
Heah Back intCall to sheep to stay away from crops
Heald (1)vPour
Heald (2)vHeal
Heald-twinenTwine, fine
Heam vPut aside
Hean nHandle of knife
Heaped adjHipped (of roof)
Heaping-StocknStepping stone
Hearing nNews
Hearken vRecall
HearstnDoe, young
Heartless adjDisheartening
Heartsome adjPleasant
Heater nIron, red-hot
Heath-croppernNew Forest pony
Heather-hooknHook used in cutting heather
Heckanoddy nBlue tit
Heckett nFuss
Heckle nOrnamentation on thatched roof
Hedgehog nSpiny seed husk of corn crowfoot
Heel (1)vOverturn a bucket
Heel (2)vYield (of crops)
Heeling nHandicap (of runner)
Heel-Rake nRake, large
Heg-Peg Bushes nBlackthorn
Heigh intHey
Heiky adjSmart
Heinous adjHuge
Helde nApple, small
HelvenPitcher, stone
Helwalls vWalls, outer
Hem (1)nBorder
Hem (2)nPartition in calamine oven
Hemel nFreezing fog
Hemming And Sewing nYarrow
Hemple nDrizzle
Hent vPlough bottom furrow
Hepping-Stock nHorse block
Herbal Bennet nWood avens
Herd nShepherd
Herder nSieve
Hern (1)nHeron
Hern (2)pronHers
Herret nWretch
Herself, InpronIn her general health (in phrase "How is she…")
Hether-Up intGo left (command to cattle)
Hew vSignal to boats from cliff which direction pilchards can be found
Hewe nBunion
Hewstring adjWheezy
Hext nHighest
Heyam nPieces of metal on collar of draught-horse
Hibbit nNewt
Hibby nColt
Hick vHop
Hide Nor Tide nNews
Hidebound adjWith tightened skin (of cattle), a sign of illness
Hiders-Catch-Winkers nHide and seek
Hidlock nHiding, in
Hie (1)intCall to dogs to find game
Hie (2)vHasten
Hie-Spy nHide and seek
Highsty-Tighsty nSee-saw
Highty-Tighty adjHaughty
Hile (1)nTen sheaves of corn
Hile (2)vGore (of bull)
Hilf nHandle of axe
Hill vCover with earth
Hillier nRoofer
Hillward advTowards the hills
Hilp nSloe
Hilt nSow, young
Himself, inpronIn his general health (in phrase "How is he…")
Hind (1)nFarm labourer
Hind (2)nRearward
Hinder timevWaste time
Hinder (1)adjRearward
Hinder advYonder
Hinderling nUnderling
Hinderment nHindrance
Hindersome adjHindering
Hinder-End nBack end
Hinge upvEntangle
Hint (1)vStore in barn
Hint (2)vWither
Hip vSulk
Hip-briarnRose, wild
HiskvBreathe laboriously
Hissing-Owl nBarn owl
Hist upintCommand to horse to lift foot
Hitch (1)vRotate crops
Hitch (2)vBeat
Hitcher nLarge object
Hitching adjLarge
Hither advLeft
Hitter, in aadjIll, terminally
Hive nCrowd
Hizy-Prizy nNisi prius
Ho (1)intWhoa (to horse)
Ho (2)vCovet
Hoaf intCall to cows to be milked
Hoar (1)adjHoary
Hoar (2)adjMouldy
HoardingadjSuitable for storing (of apples)
Hoarse nHoarseness
Hoar-Stone nBoundary-stone
Hob (1)nFool
Hob (2)nThird swarm of bees in one season
Hob (3)vHand-rear
Hob (4)vLaugh loudly
Hobbedy's Lantern nWill'o the Wisp
Hobble vAssist ship into or out of harbour
Hobby (1)nPony
Hobby (2)nCuckoo
Hobby-Horse nTomboy
Hobhouchin nVanessid
Hoblionker nConkers (game)
Hobnail's WakenTewkesbury Fair
Hob-Lantern nWill'o the Wisp
Hocket nLump of bread or cheese, large
Hockle vHobble
Hocks vHamstring
Hocksing Up vThrowing down
Hocksy adjMuddy
Hock-Holler nHollyhock
Hod nBox, wooden
Hoddy adjHealthy
Hoddy-Doddy nSnail
Hodman nTerm applied by students of King's College, Oxford to outsiders
Hodmandod nSnail
HognMound of earth in which potatoes are grown
Hog's puddingnBlack pudding
Hoggerdemow nHedge trimmer
Hogget nSheep, year-old
Hoggish adjGreedy
Hoggle vScavenge for galena
Hoggler nChurchwarden's assistant
Hoggling nSloppy work
Hogminny nHoochie
Hogshead nCider vat, 100-gallon
Hoit intCall to cows
Hoity-Toity intCall to cows to be milked
Hoke vGambol
Holder nFangs of dog
Holey-flintnFlint with natural hole
Holimaul vBeat
Holing vFault-finding
Holl vHurl
Hollard nAlder
Holm (1)nIslet
Holm (2)nHolly
Holmogen nCabinet
Holrod nCowslip
Holster (1)nHiding place
Holster (2)vNoise, make a
Holt nKnoll
Holyrood nHoly Cross, feast of
Homany nCommotion
Homble (1)nDuck
Homble (2)vPull
Homerkin nMeasure of beer
Hommock nHeap
Hone (1)nFlatbread
Hone (2)vPine
Honesty nTraveller's Joy
Honeysuck nHoneysuckle
Honeysuckle nPurple Clover
Hontish adjHaughty
Hoo (1)intCall to pigs
Hoo (2)vSimmer
Hoo (3)pronShe
Hood nWood
Hoof nColtsfoot
Hooi vWhistle (of wind)
Hook vGore (of bull)
Hookem-Snivey adjDeceitful
Hooket nHatchet
Hookland nPotato field
Hoop (1)nBullfinch
Hoop (2)vWhoop
Hooset nHobby-horse
Hoosh intShoo
Hoost nCough (in cattle)
Hoot vShout
Hootcher nHook for picking fruit
Hooter (1)nOwl
Hooter (2)nTin for heating beer
Hoove nHoe
Hooze nCough, dry
Hoozen nWindpipe
Hop-clovernYellow clover
Hope nVale
Hopper nMaggot
Hoppet vHop
Hopping vFretting
Hoppy vJump
Horch vGore (of bull)
Horned upadjHard (of earth)
Hornen adjHorn, made of
Hornet nWasp
Hornywink nLapwing
Horrocks nWoman, fat
Horrors on, put thenFrighten
Horry adjMouldy
Horseward adjIn heat (of mare)
Horsish adjHorsey
Horve vVacillate
Hose (1)nStocking
Hose (2)nHoarseness
Hosebird nBastard
Hossen-Pot nBasket
Hoster nJug without handle
Hotch vHitch
Hough (1)vThrow
Hough (2)vBreathe hard
Houlder Moulder vBrood over
Hound nBar connecting fore-wagon of springless carriage
Hountish adjBoorish
House nBlanket, child's
Houselling clothnCloth spread over altar rail during communion
Housen vHouse
Housing nPiece of leather attached to draught-horse's collar
Houst vPut on weight
Hove vWait
Hoved Up adjIn great difficulty
Hovel nShed for animals
Hover (1)vUndulate
Hover (2)vCover with straw
How nKnoll
Howgy adjHuge
Howk (1)vExcavate
Howk (2)vHowl
Howlet nOwlet
HowsheintMove on (to pigs)
Hoy intHey
HozeevBe badly off
Ho-Go nMarbles (game)
Hu intHey
Huck (1)nHusk
Huck (2)vHaggle
Huck (3)vPick out with pointed instrument
Huckle (1)nHip
Huckle (2)vStoop
Huckmuck (1)nStrainer, brewer's
Huckmuck (2)nHunchback
Huckmuck (3)nMuddle
Huckster nShopkeeper
Hucksy-Bub nBreast
Hud (1)nCherry stone
Hud (2)vGather
Huddick nPea pod
Huddle vGather
Huddock nPlaster, sticking
Huddy-Box nAmbush
Huff nScurf
Huffle vGust
Huff-Cap nPerry pear
Hug (1)nItch
Hug (2)vCherish
Hugeous adjHuge
Hugger vHoard
Hulch nSlice, thick
Hulder (1)nDin
Hulder (2)vConceal
Hulk nCottage
Hulker nHeavy object
Hull vHurl
Hullock nSlacker
Hullocky intHello (expression of surprise)
Hullop intHello (expression of surprise)
Hully nEel trap
Hulve vInvert
Humack nRose, wild
Humbledad nBumblebee
Humbledore nBumblebee
Humble-Cum-Buzz nBumblebee
Humdaw vSpeak hesitantly
Humdrum nDullard
Humgumption nVainglory
Hummick (1)nSlice, thick
Hummick (2)nSweat
Hummock nHillock
Humour nPus
Humoursome adjCapricious
Humpty adjHunchbacked
Humpy adjHunchbacked
Humstrum nFiddle
Hunch nPush with shoulder
Hunched-Up adjShrunken (of fruit or vegetables)
Hunks nMiser
Hunting nChildren's game
Hun-Barrow nTumulus
Hurch vHuddle
Hurd n/vHoard
Hurdle-footnClub foot
Hurdler nHurdle maker
Hurdy-Gurdy nMusical instrument made from string and bladder
Hurkle vCrouch
Hurly-Gurly nHand-organ
Hurr vWhirr
Hurrysome adjHasty
Hursling adjRustling
Hurter nCalf which runs with the dam for 7 or 8 months
Hurtleberry nWhortleberry
Hurt nWhortleberry
Husband's teanTea, weak
Hush adjQuiet
Husk (1)nHoarseness
Husk (2)nChaff of oats
Huss vRelease the hounds
Hussock nCough, dry
Hut nClod of earth
Hylden nOaf
Hylt adjFlayed
Hynny-Pynny nMarbles (game)
Hyssy-Pyssy nMarbles (game)