Vo’kspeech Wordlist/I

Icelet nIcicle
Ice-Bone nH-bone
Ichet nItch
Ichila-Pea nMistle thrush
Ickitty-Pickitty advJerkily
Icybell nIcicle
Iddy-Iddy-All nBall game, children's
Idjit nType of agricultural implement
Idleton nSlacker
If zo be asconjIf (intensive of)
Ignorant adjIll-mannered
Igsy-Pigsy adjHiggledy-piggledy
Ilt nPiglet
ImagenPlaster figure
Ime nNose, tip of
Imitate vResemble
Immedient adjImmediate
Imp nShoot (of plant)
Imperence nImpudence
Imperent adjImpudent
Impingall nUlcer
Improve vLearn one's trade
Impse nImage
Inch nEncroach
Inchor nShoot (of tree)
Inclinable adjInclined to
Indel advIndoors
Indetriment nDetriment
India nIndia-rubber
Indian-pink adjRagged robin
Indoor servantnLive-in servant
Indoors adjLive-in (of servant)
Infaring advWithin
Infirm adjFoolish
Information nInflammation
Ingle-Dog nEarthworm
Inground nEnclosed land
Injury to, do anvBewitch
Inkle vConceive (idea or project)
Inless conjUnless
Inly advInternally
Inobedient adjDisobdient
Intellects nWits
InterleanadjStreaky (of bacon)
Intimated adjIntimate
IntressnInterest (financial)
Inwardly advSotto voce
In-TyephrNot I
Ire (1)nIron
Ire (2)nOnion
Irenese nRennet
Iron-backnIron plate at back of chimney
Ironen adjIron, made of
Isabella nGame played by young people
Isle-Of-Wight dognLaziness
Isle-Of-Wight parsonnCormorant
Isle-Of-Wight rocknCheese, variety of
Isle-Of-Wight vinenBryony
Isnet nSmall bugloss
Iss advYes
Itching-berriesnDog rose hips
Item nIdea
Ivers, myintEyes, my!
Ivy-drumnIvy, climbing
Ivy-flowernCommon hepatica
Izey-Tizey adjUncertain
Izzard nZ (letter)