Vo’kspeech Wordlist/L

La intLo
Lab vBlab
Labber (1)adjRainy
Labber (2)vSlobber
Lacky vBeat severely
Lack-A-Daisy-Me intBlimey
Lade (1)nRunning board
Lade (2)vLay down a hedge
Ladyfied adjLadylike
Lag (1)nWater meadow
Lag (2)nPair (of geese)
Lag (3)adjSluggish
Lagger nLong, narrow strip of land
Lag-Wood nSticks, oaken
Lain (1)nLayer
Lain (2)vDress plough
Lair vDomesticate
Laitch vIdle
Lake (1)nStream
Lake (2)vPlay sport
Lambkins nCatkins
Lameness nFoot-rot
LamigernLame person
Lammas-applenApple ripening around August 1st
Lammas-plumnHard winter wheat
Lamper vStride
LampersnSwelling of horse's mouth
Lamploo nGame played by young people
Lampsed adjInjured
Lan nLord (minced oath)
Lancashire asphodelnBog asphodel
Lance (1)nLancet
Lance (2)vLeap
Lanch nFlint bed, large
Land’s-End nEnd of furrow in ploughed field
Lander nBlow, heavy
Land-Damn vAbuse verbally
Lane nIrregular strip of grass bounding an arable field
Lang vLong for
Langet nShackle
Laning-VeinnVein of Purbeck limestone
Lank nGroin
Lannock nLand, long strip of
Lantern-sweatnPerspiration, excessive
Lap vBeat
Lapard nVagina
Laper nKiss, loud
Lappen nFool
Lapstone nStone on which a shoemaker hammers leather
Lap-Clap nKiss, loud
Lap-Eared adjFloppy-eared
LarbetsnLamb's bollocks
Lard-beaternInstrument used in making lard
Larding Money nRent, small
Lare nLathe
Lark buntingnCorn bunting
Larmy adjSorrowful
Larra nWood turned by a lathe, piece of
Larry (1)nCommotion
Larry (2)nGrout
Larry (3)adjMisty
Lary nFlank (meat)
Lash adjEnfeebled
Lasher nWeir
Lash-Horse nHorse, second in a team of four
Latchety adjLoose
Late, atadjAt length
Lathe (1)nWeed
Lathe (2)vInvite
Lathy adjSlender
Latitat nTalk, idle
Latten nLeaf (metal)
Latterly advLately
Lattiprack adjParalytic
Lauchaids nTerraces on hillsides
Laum vSwoon
Launch outvBecome extravagant
Launder nWater spout
Laurel-Wood nSpurge-laurel
Lavant nSpring breaking out on downs
Lave (1)vDraw water
Lave (2)vGutter (of candle)
Lavell nUvula
Lavender-snipsnIvy-leaved toadflax
Laver nSea-lettuce
Lavish adjOvergrown
Law vPile up
Lawn nField, unploughed part of
Lawnder nPlough, part of
Lawyer vPractice law
LayersintTerm used in marbles
Lay-Overs nCorporal punishment
Lazarus nBackbone of pig
Leach nRope, strand of
Leaf nPig fat
LeaknDrop (of liquid)
Lean vSit
Leap nBasket, large
Leaping blocknHorse block
Lear (1)adjEmpty
Lear (2)nChannel made in beach for vessels to unload cargo
Lear (3)adjFrightened
Lear (4)vEmploy
Lease (1)nPasture
Lease (2)nDivision of threads in warp
Lease (3)nCornerstone
Lease (4)nThree (of game birds or animals)
Lease (5)vPick out
Lease (6)adjBarren (of cow)
Leat nWatercourse
Leath vRest
Leathern-birdnBat (animal)
Leave vAllow
Lebb nTripe
Lebb'n O'clock nElevenses
Lection nLikelihood
Leddn nWish
Ledge (1)nBarn door
Ledge (2)vLay eggs
LedgernScaffold, horizontal pole of
Lee (1)nShelter
Lee (2)nWater, softened
Leech (1)nDoctor
Leech (2)nTub used in making lye
Leek-bed, dug up in the nFound in a cabbage patch (used when a child asks where they came from)
Leeky adjLeeks, made from
Leer (1)nFlank (meat)
Leer (2)nGlimpse
Leers nPasture
Leerspoole nCanna
Leeward, go to theadvDark side, turn to the
Lemon-plantnLemon verbena
Lemp nDropwort
Lem-Fig nEleme fig
Lence nLoan
Lendy adjFlexible
Lennert nLinnet
Lennow adjFlexible
Leopard nCommon fritillary
Leper nBed of Swanage stone
LerrettnBoat, seaworthy
Lerrick (1)vFlog
Lerrick (2)nLarge amount
Lerrup nTear (in fabric)
Lescious of, beadjKnow of a suitable venue
Less (1)conjUnless
Less (2)conjLest
Lesten conjLest
Let vHinder
Letch nDesire
Level vAssess
Level-handedadjWith no money changing hands
Levener nElevenses
Levers nYellow flag iris
Levvy nLevel
Lew nShelter
LewernFoot and mouth disease
LewtenRest-harrow (plant)
Lewth nShelter
Lewze nPig-sty
Lezzory nMaple service tree
Liable adjLikely
Liard nLiar
Libbet nStick
Libbet nFragment
Liberty vRelease
Library nLibrary book
Lich nCorpse
Licker nSurprise
Lickerish adjSaccharine
Licket nFragment
Licking adjIntensive (eg "A licking gert 'am")
Lid nCupboard door
LiddennFolk song
Lide nMarch (month)
Liffy vSeduce and abandon
Lift nFalsehood
Lifting-stocknHorse block
Lighten vFind
Lightsome adjLight-hearted
Lijon nRoof-beam
Liken adjLikely
Liker adjMore likely
Lile adjLittle
Lill vPant
LimbicknStill (brewing)
Limbless adjBeyond repair
Limmer nTerm of endearment
Limmers adjBase
Limmocks nSmithereens
Limn vSketch
Limperscrimp nCow parsnip
Limple vLimp
Limpsy adjLimp
LinchernRidge dividing ploughed fields
Linchet nRidge dividing ploughed fields
Linch-Pin nPenis of stag
Line (1)vWeld
Line (2)vLean
Lined adjHaving a white streak on back (of animal)
Linet nFlax, dressed
Ling (1)nHeather
Ling (2)nBackyard
Linge (1) vLounge
Linge (2) adjPliable
Linget nLinnet
Linguister nLinguist
Linhay nCowshed
Lining nLoins
Link vSunbathe
Linnard nLast to finish a meal
Linsey nCloth, coarse
Lintseed nLinseed
Lipe nPleat
Lippery adjRainy
Lippets nRags
Lipping adjRainy
Lippitty-Lop advLimping
Lippy adjRainy
Lipshod nFlaw
Lipsy advLisping
Liptupain nRemedy in mummer's play
Lirripoop nDotard
Lish nPasture
Lissom nStreak
List nEdge of cloth
List-Wall nWall covered with turf
ListingnEdge of cloth
Listy-Bed nSeacombe stone, bed of
Litch nMatted mass
Lite adjFew
Lithe nPasture, steep
Lither adjLithe
Lithy adjMuggy
Litten nCemetary
Littocks nRags
Litty adjActive
Live adjFresh
Live nLife
Live-bloodnRestlessness, physical
Liven vEnliven
Loader nCarter
Loady adjTop-heavy
Loan (1)nSupplication for alms
Loan (2)nHandrail
Lob (1)nLump
Lob (2)nLast person in race
Lob (3)vDroop
Lob's-Pound nPrison
Lobbet vLoiter
Loblolly nNe'er-do-well
Lobscouse nStew
Lobsided adjLopsided
Lob-Grass nSoft brome-grass
Lock (1)nSmall quantity
Lock (2)vEntice
Locker nBrake
Locust nCockchafer
Loddon LilynSummer snowflake
Lode nPath across marsh
Lodging adjStatic
Lodlum nLaudanum
Lodyholt nFoot and mouth disease
Loert vTravel quickly
Log (1)vOscillate
Log (2)vPlay truant
Logger nFetter
Loggerums nBlack knapweed
Loggy adjHeavy-set
Log-Caterpillar nLarva of goat-moth
LollvStick tongue out
Lollicker nTongue
Lollipop nCandy, hard
Lolly (1)nSweetmeat
Lolly (2)nBroth
Lollycock nTurkey-cock
Lollypot nSlacker
Lolly-BangernGingerbread with raisins
Lomey nChild, spoilt
Lommock nChunk (of food)
Lone (1)advAlone
Lone (2)nLodging-house
Long (1)vBelong
Long (2)prepAlong
Longful adjTedious
Longsome adjTedious
Looby nFool
Looker nEye
Looking-glassnHare trap, type of
Loom nWake of fish
Looming-Like vStaggering
Loon nNorthern diver
Loop vElope
Loor intLord (minced oath)
LoorenSore in hoof
Loose nRut made by cart-wheel
Lop (1)nFaggot-wood
Lop (2)vRun
Loppet vLollop
Lop-Grass nSoft brome-grass
Lorry nCart
Lor-A-Massy intLord have mercy
Lost nLoss
Lotment nAllotment
Lottle vBabble (like brook)
Louch vSlouch
Louchet nLarge piece
Loudering vSmuggling
LoukvLattice (of window)
Lounder vBeat
Loup (1)vBound
Loup (2)nSea-louse
Lour vSkulk
Louse vFroth up ale
Louster vWork hard
Lout vBow
Louting adjLoutish
Louvre nChimney
Love vPile up (of barley)
Lovier nLover
Loving adjAdhesive
Low (1)vLower
Low (2)vAllow
Low (3)vPile up (of barley)
Lowbell nBell signalling that cows were to be taken out into the fields
Lowle-Eared adjLong-eared
Lown adjQuiet
Lowse vLoosen
Lowsen vListen
Lozenger nLozenge
Luce (1)nSore (in sheep)
Luce (2)adjLiukewarm
Luck nTidal pool
Luckey adjMorose
Lug (1)nStick, long
Lug (2)nSand-worm
Lug (3)adjLug
Lugger (1)nStrip of land
Lugger (2)vHaul
Luggett nSmall load of hay or corn
Lum (1)nChimney
Lum (2)nPool in river bed, deep
Lumbersome adjCumbersome
Lumberum nClumsy person
Lummy nHalf-wit
Lumper vStumble
Lumping adjCumbersome
Lumpus advHeavily
Lumpy adjSluggish
Luncheon nSlice, thick
LungwortnJerusalem cowslip
Lunge vLounge
Luny adjLoony
Lurch vLurk
Lure nGame
Lurry (1)nLoose talk
Lurry (2)vHurry
Lurry (3)adjIncontinent (of cattle)
Lushings nLots
Lutter vScatter
Lutter-Pooch nSlovenly person
Lydford LawnRough justice
Lye-leechnVessel for making lye
Lymptwigg nLapwing