Vo’kspeech Wordlist/M

Maaker nOven cleaner
Maamouth nGossip
Maaycock, Sb.nNarcissist
Machine-housenShed containing horse-gear
Mack nIn heat
Macky-Moon nFool
Mad adjDamaged (of land)
Madder nStinking camomile
Maddock nMattock
Made adjHome-made (of wine)
Madell nNine men's morris (game)
Maffle vStammer
Mag nMagpie
Maggie ManyfeetnCentipede
Maggot nWhim
Magnify vSignify
Magpie divernGoldeneye
Maig nPeg
MailnVision, defect in
Main nLarge amount
Mainly advExceedingly
Maise nStinking camomile
Maithen nStinking camomile
Make nFriend
Male nDandelion
Maleshag nCaterpillar
Mallace nMarsh-mallow (flower)
Mallard nMarsh-mallow (flower)
Maller nHoe
Mallet, swing thephrStrike while the iron is hot
Malling nBeating
Mallock nPig
Mallow nMarsh-mallow (flower)
Malls nMeasles
Mally nMansplainer
Malter nMalt dealer
Mam nMother
Mammer vConfuse
Mammock nFragment
Mammy vMother
Mampus nCrowd
Manch vMunch
Manchet nLoaf, small
Mander (1)vOrder around
Mander (2)nManner
Mandrake nWhite bryony
Mandy (1)vCommand
Mandy (2)adjDomineering
Mane-combnComb for horses' manes
Mang vMix
Manghangle vMangle
Mangy adjItchy
Mangy-Bed nBed of Downs vein stone
Manner nManure
Mannish adjOverbearing
Map nMop
Maplin-Tree nMaple
Mapse vSmack lips
Mapus nHead
Map-Mouthed adjToothless
Marblers nStonecutters, Swanage Company of
March-bird nPerson or animal born in March
Mare-Blob nMarsh Marigold
MargnStinking camomile
Margaret nMagpie
Margaret's FloodnHeavy rain around St Margaret's Day
Margiowlet nMoth, pantry
Margon nCamomile
Mariners nFox and Geese (game)
Mark, Luke and JohnnFour-poster bed with broken leg
Marking-IronnBranding Iron
Marl (1)vBecome mottled
Marl (2)vMarvel
Marl (3)vRavel
Marlborough-Handed adjLeft-handed
MarlebrutenEarth in lime rock
Marnull nOthello (game), primitive version of
Married adjPast her prime (of woman)
Marshalsea Money nCouncil tax
Martin nHeifer, twin of a bull-calf
Maskel nCaterpillar, green
Masley adjKnotty (of wood)
Masoner (1)nMason
Masoner (2)nBricklayer
Masony vWork as a mason or bricklayer
Massacree vMassacre
Masser nShithouse
Mastick nAcorn
Mat-grassnWire-bent (grass)
Match it outvMake provisions last for a long time
MatenCarter's assistant
Math (1)nMowing
Math (2)nLitter (of pigs)
Mather (1)vTurn round before lying down (of animal)
Mather (2)intCome hither (to horse)
Matrimony nGin mixed with whisky or rum
MaudlinnOx-eye daisy
Maul-StonenStone on which paint is ground
Maulyarn nLapwing
Maund vBeg
Mauth nMoss
Mawk (1)nOven cleaner
Mawk (2)vFrighten
Mawkish adjDrunk
Mawks nClumsy girl
Mawksy adjOver-ripe (of fruit)
Mawky adjOver-sweet
Mawp nBullfinch
Mawther nMother
Maxim vPlay
Mayhap advPerhaps
May-Game nJoke, practical
Mazegerry nImpetuous person
Mazell nMezereon
Mazery nTomfoolery
Mazing advAmazingly
Mazy adjCrazy for
Mazzard (1)nHead
Mazzard (2)nWild cherry
Mazzardy adjKnotty (of wood)
Mead nMeadow
Meader nMower
Meaker nMinnow
Meant nMeaning
MeapeevBlow raspberry
Measly adjWhite-spotted
Meazle nLeper
Mecklekeckle adjPoor-quality
Meech vSkulk
Meejick nStrange thing
Meeking adjAiling
Meese nMoss
Meet adjProper
Megrim nWhim
Melancholy adjUnsatisfactory
Melander nDisturbance
Mell (1)nWarming-pan
Mell (2)vMingle
Mell (3)vMeow
Mellow adjRipe
Melt vMalt
Menaager vCobble together
Menagerie nCollection of odds and ends
Menagery nContrivance
Mends nAmends
Mengy nMinnow
Mennem nMinnow
Ment vResemble
Meowl vMeow
Merrick nAlfalfa
Merrils nNine men's morris (game)
Merry nWild cherry
Mersk nMarsh
Mesh nRabbit-run
Messlin adjMischievous
Messment nMess
Metheglin nBeer made with honey
Methody nMethodist
Meuse nForm (of hare)
Mezell nSpurge-olive
Michaelmas BlackbirdnRing ouzel
Mickle adjLarge
Mickled adjParched
Middlekin adjTolerable
Middlemas nMichaelmas
Middlemish adjModerate
Middlemost adjCentral
Midgemadge nConfusion
Midgen nPig-fat
Midgerum nPig-fat
Midred nMidriff
Midsummer DaisynFeverfew
Miffy nDevil, the
Mig adjSweet
Miggy adjMuggy
Mike vLoiter
Milcher nMilch-cow
Milder vDecay
Mileway MoneynPayment made to the Mayor of Oxford
MilletnWood club-rush
Milt (1)nSpleen
Milt (2)nFluke
Mim adjPrim
Mimmam nBog
Mimmock nMilquetoast
Mimp nSpeak in an affected manner
Mimpsy-Pimsy adjAffected
Minch vPlay truant
Minery nMine
Ming vKnead
Minikin adjEffeminate
Minnie nMinnow
Minnock vPut on airs and graces
Mint nMite
Mire vAdmire
Mirk nTwilight
Misbegot nBastard
Misbelieve vDisbelieve
Miscall vAbuse
Mischiefful adjMischievous
Miscreden nMiscreant
Misdo vTransgress
Miserable adjLarge (of amount)
Misfortunate adjUnfortunate
Misfortune meatnRoadkill
Misgive vFail
Misgo vFail
Misk nMist
Mislest vMolest
Mislook vMislay
Mistrust vDistrust
Mistry vDeceive
Misword nUnkind word
Mit nMaggot
Mith aux vMight
Miver nMortar
Mixen nDunghill
Miz Maze adjConfusion
Mize vOoze
Miz-Wet nMist
Moappee vBlow raspberry
Mobby nVodka
Mock (1)nTree stump
Mock (2)nApple pulp left in cider press
Mog mog mogintCall to calves
Mogg vPout
Moggy nCalf
Mogue vDeceive
Mogvurd nMugwort
Moine nDunghill
Moist vMoisten
Moither vConfuse
Moke (1)nDonkey
Moke (2)nMesh
Moke (3)vLoaf
Mokins nGaiters
Mokus nDonkey
Mole nNape
Mollicrush vCrush
Mollipeart adjHyperactive
Molly-Coddle nEffeminate boy
Moll-Hern nHeron
Momble vJumble
Mommet nCorn-dolly
Mommetry nIdolatry
Month's mindnInclination, strong
Moocher nBlackberry
Mood (1)nYeast
Mood (2)nPancreas (of animal, cooked)
Moodywant nMole (animal)
Mool vTill (soil)
Moonied adjSpoilt (of child)
Moorish adjEarthy
Moory adjMarshy
Mooster vHurry
Moot (1)nTree stump
Moot (2)vMove
Mop (1)nTuft (of grass)
Mop (2)vFidget
Mopse vMope
Morbleu intMort dieu (minced oath)
More nRoot (of plant)
Mort (1)nAbundance
Mort (2)nLard
Mort (3)nMortar
Mortable advVery
Mose vSmoulder
Moses nMouse
Mosey adjMuggy
MossvThatch with moss
Moss caught the mare, asphrCaught napping
Mot nMoat
Motherish (1)adjHomesick
Motherish (2)adjCurdled
Mouch vEat greedily
Mought aux vMight
Mould (1)vBury
Mould (2)nEmbryo
Moulder vSmoulder
Moulter (1)vMoult
Moulter (2)vMoulder
Mound nBoundary
Mountain-collynRing ouzel
Moure nTurkey
Mourn vMoan
Mournful WidownSweet scabious
Mouse-Ear nWooly woundwort
Move vCurtsey
Mowhay nRickyard
Mowing -machine BirdnGrasshopper warbler
Mowth nMowing
Moyle nMule
Mps advYes
Much vStroke
Muchety, Much of aadjAlike
Mucka-Bucket nBucket, lard
Mucker vDirty
Muckinger nHandkerchief
Muckle (1)nManure
Muckle (2)vStoop
Muckson adjIn the dirt
Mud (1)aux vMay
Mud (2)vSpoil (of child)
Mud-and-studnCob (building material)
Muddle vHand-rear
Muddle aboutvIdle
Mudel overvCover plants with straw in winter
Mudgetty adjDowntrodden (of grass)
Muffety adjLong-haired (of cats)
Muffler nGreat crested grebe
Mug (1)nRump of animal
Mug (2)vBeat
Mug (3)vHuddle
Mug (4)vGet drunk
Muggard adjSullen
Muggaty adjSullen
Muggeroon nMushroom
Mugget nChitterling
Muggle (1)nHorseback
Muggle (2)vMuddle along
Muggleton nRat
Muggletony nMongrel
Muggle-PinnPin in centre of mole-trap
MulberrynFlax dodder
Mulere nWeasel
Mullen nBridle
Muller nMess
Mullin nMetheglin
Mullum adjCrumbly
Mully nCalf, child's name for
Mullygrub-Gurgin nMealworm (also used as insult)
Multiplying-Glass nMagnifying glass
Mum (1)nBeetle
Mum (2)nBeer, strong
Mum (3)vPamper
Mum (4)vGo mumming
Mumble vMunch
Mumbly adjShapeless (of building stones)
Mumbudget advSecretly
Mumchance adjDumb
Mummy (1)nPulp
Mummy (2)adjDusky
Mump nLump
Mumpoker nBogeyman
Mumpole vBeat
Mump-Head nCask, kind of
Mumruffin nLong-tailed tit
Mun pronMust
Munch nLunch
Munge vMunch
Muntle nLine attached to salmon net
Munton nBeam, upright
Mur nDormouse
Murchy nMischief
Murder come up withnHavoc
Mure nBarrel-stand
Murfle nFreckle
Murr nHead cold
Murrain nChickweed
Muscle-Plum nPlum, variety of
Muscovy nMusky heron's-bill
Muse vAmuse
Musk-buttonnMichaelmas daisy
Must (1)nChildren's game
Must (2)vBecome mouldy
Mustard-cressnWhite mustard
Muster nLitter (of animals)
Mute, runvRun silently (of hounds)
Mutter vCrumble (of soil)
Mutton-chopsnGoose-grass, shoots of
Muty-Hearted adjSensitive
Muzz nConfusion
Muzzle (1)nJaw
Muzzle (2)vKnock down
Myself, inpronIn my general health