Vo’kspeech Wordlist/N

Na'rs'ha nNever such a
Nabble (1)vNibble
Nabble (2)vGossip
Nabs nSnob
NagervWork hard
Nagger vNag
Naggle (1)vWorry
Naggle (2)vWalk tossing head in affected manner
Naggled adjAnnoyed
Nailer nClincher
Nails nDaisy
Nammet nLunch
Nan (1)nNanny-goat
Nan (2)nJar, small earthen
Nan (3)intWhat did you say?
Nancy-PrettynLondon Pride
Nang vGnaw (of pain)
Nannick vPlay the fool
Nap (1)nVessel, wooden
Nap (2)vSeize
Nap (3)vBurst
Nape nKnoll
Napoleon nCrimson trefoil
Napper (1)nHead
Napper (2)nBoy
Nappy adjFoamy
Nark vAnnoy
Narle nKnot (in thread)
Narnce advNever
Narrow-pin-whilesnCloth, coarse
Nast nDirt
Nastified adjNasty
Nastry nDirt
Nathely advNearly
Nation-Grass nTussock grass
Native nBirthplace
Natomy nAnatomy
Natted nHornless
Nattled adjIll-tempered
Naturally advDeeply
Naturly advNaturally
Naty adjMarbled (of meat)
Naughty adjValueless
NaumpeynGullible person
Nave nFoundation (in thatching)
Navigation nCanal
Navigator nLabourer
Nawl nNavel
Nay-Word nBy-word
Neal vAneal
Nearder advNearer
Neardest advNearest
Near-Hand advNear
Neat (1)nOx
Neat (2)adjGood quality (of livestock)
Necessary nToilet
Necessity nCider, rough
Neck nCorn, last sheaf of
Necked Barnacle nGooseneck Barnacle
Neckercher nNeckerchief
Necking nNeckerchief
Needment nNecessity
Needsome adjNeedy
Neeze vSneeze
Neglection nNeglect
Neist adjNearest
Neive nFist
Neiveie-Nick-Nack nGuessing-game
Nemony nWood anemone
Nep nSow's pudendum
Nepkin nNectarine
Nestling nRunt
Nett-upadjFreezing cold
Nether adjLower
Netherwagg nDevil's coach horse beetle
Newelty nNovelty
Newst prepNear
Nib (1)nMorsel
Nib (2)nWell-dressed man
Nibbly adjGranular
Nibleykin nShot (of alcoholic beverage)
Nichil nNothing
Nicholas nRunt
Nicket nFaggot (of wood)
Nicking adjConvenient
Nickle vHurry awkwardly
Nicky nBundle
Nid vNod
Niddick nNape
Niddle nNape
Nide nBrood (of pheasants)
Niff nQuarrel
Nifle vProcrastinate
Nigg nBall of wool
Nightingale FlowernCuckoo flower
Nighty adjDark
Night-Fall nFetlock arthrodesis (in horses)
Nim adjNimble
Nincum nNincompoop
Ninepence, not to pay the old woman herphrUnderpay
Nip nDrop (of drink)
Nippence nNinepence
Nipperkin nDrop (of drink)
Nippy nPenis
Nirrup nDonkey
NisgalnSmallest chick in a brood
Nit nNut
Nit advNot yet
Nitch (1)nBundle
Nitch (2)adjNeat
Nither vShiver
Nitter vGrimace
Nitty adjSmall
NitumsadvAt night
Nivel vSneer
No Tino! phrNo way!
Noah floodnCrude oil
Nobbling nLump of coal
Nobbut advNothing but
Nobby (1)nCake, small
Nobby (2)nColt
Noble to ninepence, bring thephrSpend extravagantly
Nobry nNobody
Noculate vFertilise
Nod nNape
Nod-Cock nSimpleton
Noil nWool, short
Noint vBeat
Nointed adjEvil
Nointer nScoundrel
Noise nReproof
Nolum Wolum adjWilly-nilly
Nonce nDeliberately
Nonsical adjNonsensical
Non-Plush nDilemma
Non-Such nBlack medick
Noody vWorry
Norfolk PlovernStone curlew
Norgan nMonkey jacket
Normous adjEnormous
Norn pronNeither
Nornigig nSimpleton
Northering adjMeandering
Norting adjFoolish
Norway nTool-sharpener
Nosey adjImpertinent
Nosset nConvalescent food
Not (1)nHockey, crude form of
Not (2)nGnat
Not (3)adjHornless
Notches out of the scythes, take thephrGive money to mowers when out shooting
Nother pronAnother
Notice vDismiss (from employment)
Notlings nChitterling
NotmatotnYouth, ungainly
Nottled adjStunted (of cattle)
Nottomy nSkeleton
Nounse nEyelet
Nower advNowhere
NowlenHead, top of
Nozzle nNose
No-Nation adjIsolated
Nubby-Joe nWalking-stick
Nudgel nNugget
Nug (1)nBlock
Nug (2)vNudge
Nuggling vTrotting
Nuisance-Man nSanitary inspector
Numerous advExceedingly
Numpinole nPimpernel
Numps nFool
NunnBlue tit
Nunch (1)nLunch
Nunch (2)nWeakling
Nunity adjFriendly
Nurk nRunt
Nuse adjNear
Nusk nMess
Nutten nDonkey
Nutter vWhinny
Nutting-bagadjBag for collecting nuts
Nye nBrood (of pheasants)
N-Absy nAbscess
N-Adgers nOn its side (of tossed coin)
N-Ale nAlehouse
N-Auls nBelongings
N-Aunt nAunt
N-Awl nAwl
N-Eckle nHouse
N-Ed nDonkey
N-If conjAnd if
N-Ile nThreshel
N-Impingang nAbscess
N-Oseny vPredict
N-Own adjOwn
N-Uncle nUncle
N-Unk nHunk