Vo’kspeech Wordlist/O

Oakem nCockchafer
Oaken Bough DaynOak Apple Day
Oar-cocknWater Rail
Oast nMalt-kiln
Oath vSwear
Oaves (1)nEaves
Oaves (2)nOat-chaff
Obedience nCurtsey
Obfusticated adjObfuscated
Object nDeformed person
Obs-Bobs and ButtercupsintSurprise, expression of
Occasion nCause
Ochidore nShore Crab
Ockshuns nAuctions
Oddy adjVigorous
Offish adjStand-offish
Oft advOften
Oldness nOld age
Old-Land nFallow land
Oliver nElver
Ollet nFirewood
Omligus nOmnibus
Oncest prepExcept
Onion-Penny nCoin, Roman
Onker nConkers (game)
Onliest adjOddest
Onlight vDismount
Oonty adjEmpty
Oose nNoose
Ooser nMask, grotesque
Oozle (1)vWheeze
Oozle (2)nWindpipe
Oozy adjSpongy
Ope nOpening
Open-Arse nMedlar
Or everprepBefore long
Or'n pronEither
Oration nUproar
Orch vGore
Orcheston Grass phrCreeping Bentgrass
Orchey nOrchis
Orchis Grass nOrchard Grass
Ordain vDiscipline
Ore nSeaweed
Organ nPennyroyal
Orloge nClock
Orra pronEither
Osier-Holt nOsier-Bed
Oten advOften
Other-Lucker adjDifferent
Otheren adjAlternate
Otherguess advDifferent
Otherous advOtherwise
Otmoor EvilnDisplaced Abomasum in Cattle
Ought nZero
Ouks intCall to pigs
Out vOust
Outdacious adjAudacious
Outlandish adjForeign
Outlet nPigsty, outdoor portion of
Outride nCommercial traveller
Outrider nCommercial traveller
Outrigger nTrailer (for wagon)
Outstand vResist
Out-Ask vPublish banns for third time
Overcatch vOvertake
Overdrow vOverthrow
Overer nMainlander
Overflush adjSuperfluous
Overgo vOversee
Overland nLand without farm buildings
Overlash vStrike forefoot with hind foot (of horse)
Overlayer nTrailer (for wagon)
Overlook vBewitch
Overplush nSurplus
Overrun vEscape
Overs nRiverbanks
Overseen adjBewitched
Overshadow vBewitch
Overstocked adjHaving too much milk (of cow)
Overun adjFrom the mainland, not from the Isle of Wight
Overy nCauseway
Over-NightnLast night
Over-Runner nShrew
Ovest nAcorns
Owlas adjNeglectful
Owling vWassailing
Owlish adjStupid
Owner nShip owner (used as form of address)
Ownself adjSelfish
Oxer nLog, small
Oxey adjMature
Oxford-Weed nIvy-leaved Toadflax
Oyster (1)nFir cone
Oyster (2)nShoulder of veal