Vo’kspeech Wordlist/S

S is often pronounced as Z in the Wessex dialect.

S'lay advAs soon as
Saag nPiss
Sack-Whey nFour bushels
Sacrifield-Rents nRent paid to lord of manor
Sade vSatiate
Sadly adjUnwell
Safeguard nPetticoat, outer
Saffron, zoo dear asadjVery expensive
Sag nReeds
Sailor's ButtonsnCampion
Saint MondaynBank holiday
Saint Anthony's FirenErysipelas
Sake nReason
Salary nCelery
Sallading nSalad vegetables
Sallis nLard
Sally (1)nWillow
Sally (2)nBell-rope, lower portion of
Salted sensenCommon sense
Salter nEarthenware dish used in curing bacon
Saltree nPole in cowshed
Sam, 'pon myintPon my soul
Sammy nFool
Samper nSamphire
Sample adjSupple
Sand-Blind adjPartially sighted
Sanderling nDunlin
SangsintBloody hell
Sangle nBrawl
Sankers nStockings without feet
Sarah's a-weepingnChildren's game
Sarfit nTablecloth
Sarn nConcern
Sarpler nHemp cloth
Sarrant nServant
Sartain adjCertain
Sasin nReaping-hook
Sassifrax nMeadow Saxifrage
Sassle adjDrowsy
Satin GrebenGreat Crested Grebe
Sat-Bed nSwanage stone, best quality
Saucepan StonesnFossilised vertebrae
Saucy adjSpirited (of horse)
Sauf conjAs if
Sault vAssault
Sausinger nSausage
Sawer nSawyer
Sawk nTimid person
Sawm vLoiter
Sax nHatchet, slater's
Scad (1)nShower of rain
Scad (2)nSalmon, young
Scad (3)nSlab (of peat)
Scadder nShower of rain
Scaffle vScramble
Scagged adjShaggy
Scaggy adjShaggy
Scald adjScabby
Scalding adjPartial
Scaldy nBald patch
Scale (1)nBowl
Scale (2)nCut of timber with bark still on
Scale (3)nSkittles (game of)
Scale (4)vChange
ScallettnFreestone, bed of
Scallop nLard, residue of
Scamble vShamble
Scamp (1)vRun away
Scamp (2)vShirk
Scan vScold
Scandalous adjFilthy
Scanderling nCommon Sandpiper
Scant vRun around
Scantle nRoof-slate, small
Scantling nWood-chip
Scantways advObliquely
Scape (1)vEscape
Scape (2)nLandscape
Scape (3)intSnipe, cry of
Scar (1)nPrecipice
Scar (2)vScare
Scarce, keepvKeep away
Scarcey adjScarce
Scare vSlide on ice
Scare-DevilnSwift (bird)
Scarifier nHoe
Scarify vScare
Scarige vClear off remaining apples after harvest
Scarlet CupnBlood-cup (fungus)
Scarlet LightningnCommon Rose Campion
Scarry-Whiff adjAskew
Scart vScratch
Scarth nCliff
Scarvish adjClear
Scat (1)vScatter
Scat (2)nShower of rain
Scat (3)nBout
Scate nDiarrhoea (in cattle)
Scathe nInjury
ScatifyvSpread hay
Scatlings nWhipping
Scatter-Basket nClattering, eg of loose wheel
Scaur nShower of rain
Scaut vDig in heels
Scent nDescent
Scented FernnTansy
Scheme nContrive
Schemish adjScheming
SchismnChapel, Nonconformist
Science nSkill in boxing
Scissis-Sheer nSheath for scissors
Scitturn nPloy
Sclaw vClaw
ScleezyadjUneven in texture (of cloth)
Sclum vMaul
Scob nDesk
Scoff, zoo mad as aadjFurious
Scog vBrag
Scoggel vDevour
Scoochy-Pawed adjLeft-handed
Scoopy vStoop
Scoose nDiscourse
Scorch vShrivel
Score nCore
Scoring-Rake nCorn-rake
Scorse vBarter
ScortvChurn up ground
Scot (1)nAnimal of Scottish breed
Scot (2)nLocal tax
Scote vChurn up ground
Scottle vHack
Scoul (1)vBurn
Scoul (2)vLook red (of sky)
Scour (1)vGallop
Scour (2)nDisturbance
Scourey adjBesmeared
Scouse vFrolic
Scout (1)nFielder (cricket)
Scout (2)vChase
Scove nSheaf
Scovel nOven cleaner
Scovin nBrisket of lamb
Scovy adjBlotchy
Scowl Of Brow nMeasurement by eye
Scowle (1)nMine, disused
Scowle (2)nRubbish
Scowsh vImmerse
Scrabble vScratch
Scrade nScold
Scrag adjPrickly
Scraggle vScramble
Scraggling adjSlight (of frost)
Scraggly adjSkinny
Scraggy adjSkinny
Scram (1)vCrush
Scram (2)vParalyze
Scramb, V. Sb.vGather
Scranch vCrush
Scrannel vDevour
Scrant vScorch
Scrap (1)vScrape
Scrap (2)vSnap
Scrap (3)adjCurt
Scraper nFiddler (derog.)
Scrapple vUproot
Scratch (1)nTail-board of wagon
Scratch (2)nSatan
Scratched adjFrosted
Scratcher nRoller, toothed
Scratchlings nPork scratchings
Scratling adjSilly
Scrattins nPork scratchings
Scrawf nRubbish
Scrawl vCrawl
Scrawling adjDespicable
Scrawvlin adjDestitute
Screamer nSwift (bird)
Screecher nSwift (bird)
Screechetty adjCreaky
Screed vShun
Screek vScream
Screely adjLanky
Screw nShrew
Screw-hapsesnWrench, adjustable
ScribblevTread down
Scribe nStrip, narrow
Scricele vCreak
Scriddick nParticle
Scride vDescend partly by sliding, partly by climbing
ScrigginnApple, small
ScrigglenApple, undersized
Scriggling nApple, undersized
Scrigs nFruit, undersized
Scrile nBrushwood
Scrim (1)vBenumb
Scrim (2)vBeat
ScrimmetnMeat, small piece of
Scrimmety adjStingy
Scrimpy adjFrosty (of ground)
Scrinch nMorsel
Scrinchet nShred
Scrint vBurn
Scrip nCoat, leather
Scripet vCreak
Scripput nScrap
Scroacker nMiser
Scrobble vStruggle
Scrog vPraise
ScroggvScrump for apples
Scroodle vStoop
Scroop (1)vCreak
Scroop (2)vScrape
Scroopedee vCreak
Scroopet vCreak
Scrow adjSurly
ScrowlevDry fish
ScrubblingvForequarter of lamb
Scrudge nCourtesan
Scrug nSquirrel
Scrum upvBenumb
Scrump (1)vCrunch
Scrump (2)vShrivel
Scrumpets nGristle
Scrumple vCrumple
Scrumpshing nHorseplay
ScrunchlingnApple, shrivelled
Scrune vCower
Scruple (1)vHaggle
Scruple (2)vCreak
Scruse vCrush
Scrush (1)vCrush
Scrush (2)nShinty
ScubbinnForequarter of lamb
Scud vMuckspread
Scudder-Of-Vlame nShower of rain
Scuddick nParticle
Scuffle nHoe
Scug nSquirrel
Scullery-Maid nPied Wagtail
Scummer (1)vBesmear
Scummer (2)nWonder
Scun vShun
Scuppit nTrowel
Scurf nNape
Scurling-Wheat nChicken-feed
Scurrick nParticle
Scurrifunge vLash tightly
Scurry nFlock in confused flight
Scurvy GrassnSea Bindweed
Scuse nExcuse
Scutch nCouch-grass
Scute (1)nPayment
Scute (2)nToecap, steel
Scutlin nApple turnover
Scuttick nParticle
SealvMake hurdle-stakes
Seam nHorse-load
Seamster nSeamstress
Sean nPilchard-net
Searce nStrainer
Searcer nSieve
Season nFit for sowing (of land)
Seated adjIncubated (of eggs)
Seave nGown
Sebastopol Daisy nDouglas's Meadowfoam
Sect nSex, biological
Seedling nSweet Alysson
Seek vStarch clothes
Seeming to mephrIn my opinion
Seeny nSenna
Seer (1)nOverseer
Seer (2)intSee here
Seethe vBubble (of nearly boiling water)
Seg vCrush
Segg nSedge
Segge nHedge sparrow
Segumber nSycamore
Seltimes advSeldom
Semmet nSieve
Sengreen nLesser Periwinkle (flower)
Sennet nWeek
Sensible, MakevInform
Sep conjExcept
Serious advSeriously
Sermon-bellnChurch bell, single peal of to announce sermon
Sess (1)nTax
Sess (2)nHeap
Sess (3)nWoman, obese
Sess (4)vSlosh (water)
Sess (5)intKill (order to hound)
SetterwortnGreen Hellebore
SeveraltynCommon land
Severe adjSheepish
Sew (1)vDrain
Sew (2)adjDry of milk (of cow)
Sewster nSeamstress
Sh intGiddy-up
Shab (1)nScab
Shab (2)vGrow shabby
Shabbing nThrashing
Shab-Rag nRagamuffin
Shacket nCartload, small
Shacketty adjRickety
Shackle nWreath
Shackles nBroth
Shackston nSexton
Shade (1)nShed
Shade (2)nField
Shade (3)vShelter
Shaded adjBanded (of pig)
Shadow-cownCow whose body is a different colour from its fore- and hindquarters
Shady-MousenBat (animal)
Shaff-Tuesday nShrove Tuesday
Shaft-Tide nShrovetide
Shag (1)nCormorant
Shag (2)vShake
Shag (3)vSlink off
Shagapenter nShoulder of pork
Shagged adjShaggy
ShagglevShake (of bough)
Shaker nQuaking-grass
Shalder (1)nOystercatcher (bird)
Shalder (2)nYellow Iris
Shale vStagger
Shall adjShallow
Shalligonaked adjSkimpy (of clothing)
Shally-Gallee adjFlimsy
Sham (1)vI am
Sham (2)nHoe
Shamble nStall, butcher's
Shame-Faced MaidennWood Anemone
Shammock vShamble
Shamrock nWood Sorrel
Shan nShanny
Shandrydan nCart, rickety
Shandy (1)nDisturbance
Shandy (2)adjBroken-down
Shandy (3)vSow
Shankeyn"It" (in game of tag)
Shankey-Dudely-High-Ho nTag (game)
Shanny adjVisionary
Shanty adjFlashy
Shape vSucceed
Shard (1)nCup (of tea)
Shard (2)nNotch (in blade)
Shard (3)nCow-dung
Share (1)nCrossbar of harrow
Share (2)nThatch
Share (3)nSheath for knitting needle
Share (4)nWoman, worthless
Sharf nShaft
Shark (1)nNotch
Shark (2)vSneak off
Sharn nCow-dung
Sharp nShaft of cart
Sharp-Tuesday nShrove Tuesday
Shary-Runner nBat (animal)
Shashoons nGaiters
Shatted adjSpattered
Shatter vScatter
Shattle-Bag nAnything that falls off with a clatter
Shaul (1)nSalve
Shaul (2)vShell
ShavenShaft of cart
Shazzaas vCurtsey
She pronIt
She's pronHer
Shead nPole, rough
Sheal vShell
Shearman nCloth-worker
Shearmouse nShrew
Shear-Hog nSheep, yearling
SheavevRow gondolier style
Sheckle nSickle
Shed nHandle of pail
Sheen (1)adjShining
Sheen (2)nMachine
Sheer adjBracing (of air)
Sheer-Way nBridle path
Sheesens pronHers
Sheft nShoulder of beef
Shekel nFork, thatcher's
Shelf (1)nSandbank
Shelf (2)nSlate, soft
Shelfy adjOn the shelf (of unmarried person)
Shellet nSlate, rotten
Shell-Board nMould-board (of plough)
Shell-Stone nSlate, roofing
Shelt vShorten (of days)
Shelty nSlate, rotten
Shelving-Stone nSlate, roofing
Shelyng-Stone nSlate, roofing
Shep nShepherd
Shepherdess nYellow Wagtail
Sheppeck nPitchfork
Shern nChurn
Shet nWater, running
Shewell nScarecrow
Shick-ShacknOak apple
Shide nPlank
Shifty adjLoose (of soil)
Shillard nShilling's worth
Shillet nShale
Shim (1)nGlimpse
Shim (2)nChemise
Shim (3)nCut
Shim (4)adjSlim
Shim (5)advApparently
Shimble adjInsecure
Shimmickar nMiser
Shin-strads nGaiters
Shindle nSlate stone
Shingle vShingle
Shinny nShinty
Ship-a-Sailing nLeapfrog
Shippen nStable
Shirk vEvade
Shirky adjShort-tempered
Shirp vShred
Shirt-ButtonsnGreater Stitchwort
Shisn pronHers
Shitte-Bed nStratum in Swanage quarries
Shittle nBar of gate
Shoad nOre, loose
Shock nPile of sheaves
Shocking adjMagnificent
Shockit vIdle
Shockle vShake
Shocky nMinnow
Shocrop nShrew
Shod vShed
Shoemaker nWater Boatman (insect)
Shoggle vShuffle
Shongle nHandful of corn
Shonto nDonkey
ShoortvEarn a living
Shooting nGutter
Shore nBank of ditch
Shorry nPole on which hedgers carry faggots
Shorten vPut baby into short clothes for first time
Shot nDivision of land
Shoul vShove
Shoul-A-Mouth’d adjWide-mouthed
Shouting-cakenFruilcake with not much fruit
Shouto nDonkey
Shovapenny nShove-halfpenny
Shovel vShove
Showing-on nGame played with small stones
Shrag vTrim trees
Shram vFreeze
Shrap nThicket
Shrape vScold
Shravey adjLoose (of soil)
Shred nCrop, spring
Shreed nShred
Shreeve vScrump
Shrew nScrew
Shrew-ashnAsh tree used medicinally on cattle
Shrib nSplinter
Shrievy adjUnravelled
Shrift nShrovetide
Shrig vPrune
Shrike-cocknMistle Thrush
Shrill vShudder
Shrim vShiver
Shrimpy adjShrivelled
Shrink vWane (of moon)
Shroke adjWithered
Shroud nCandle-wick, burnt
Shrove-cakenCake given to children on Shrove Tuesday
Shrove-Mouse nShrew
Shrovy adjShabby
Shrowcrop nShrew
Shrub (1)vScrape by
Shrub (2)vWin at marbles etc
Shrump vShiver
Shrumpsed adjBeaten in a game
Shuck (1)vShake
Shuck (2)nShuck
Shuck (3)intCall to pigs
Shucken vShuffle
Shucket vShake
Shuff (1)vShy (of horse)
Shuff (2)nAttempt
Shuff (3)adjLoose (of gravel)
Shuffet vShuffle
Shuffler nFarmhand
Shug (1)vShrug
Shug (2)adjMenacing
Shug (3)intCall to pigs
Shug-Meazel nScumbag
Shulve vShovel
Shum adjShy
Shun vShove
Shutter vFragment
Shutting-off TimenEnd of work day for farm labourers
Shuttlecroft nDormouse
Shy adjUnwilling
Sibber vSimmer
Sic intCall to pigs
Sich nWicked person
Sickle nRing on which teasels were hung for sale
Sidder adjTender
Side (1)adjTrailing (of clothing)
Side (2)adjHaughty
Sideling adjSidelong
Sidelong adjSloping
Sides advBesides
Sidy adjSurly
Sie vStrain through sieve
Siege of TroynA child's game
Sife vSigh
Sifter nFire-shovel
Sig nUrine used in cloth-making
Sigh vShrink (of boil)
Sign (1)vDaub a ram's chest
Sign (2)vDesign
Signify, It does notvThat's that
Sil advSeldom
Silgreen nHouse-leek
Silk-woodnCommon Hair-moss
Silker nCourt card
Sill nStep
Sillified adjSilly
Silt nSalting-trough
Sim nSmell
Simbly vSeem
Simlin nWedding cake
Simmer vSimper
Simmithy vHave the hots for
Since advAlready
Sine conjBecause
SinegarnStock (flower)
Siney nDame's Violet
Sinful advVery
Singify vSignify
Single nGirdle
Singreen nHouse-leek
Sinkers nStockings without feet
Siplus nDiamond Skin Disease
Sippety-Powder nWhite precipitate
Sir vAddress as sir
Sirrap nBlow, hard
Sir-Rag nForeman
Siserary, With anVengeance, with a
Siss (1)vThrow
Siss (2)vHiss
Siss (3)nWoman, obese
Sissa nFuss
Sissle vSizzle
Sist vInsist
Sitchy-Wow advCrosswise
Sith prepWith
Sithe n/vSigh
Sithy-Hangers nTeats (of cow)
Sive nScythe
Siver adjSeveral
Sives nChives
Size (1)nAssize
Size (2)nConsistency (of liquid, paste etc)
Sizely adjCoy
Size-Ace nDifficulty
Sizzing nYeast
Skag nRip
Skaney adjLanky
Skeaner, Run like avRun very fast
Skeart vBounce off
Skeel (1)nBucket
Skeel (2)nStratum
Skeeling nOuthouse
Skeg (1)vTear
Skeg (2)nDamson
Skelington nSkeleton
Skelm nPole, long
Skeneton nSkeleton
Skent nDiarrhoea (in cattle)
SkenternDiarrhoea (in cattle)
SkentingadjLean (of cattle)
Skerrick nParticle
Skerry-Whiff nSoup, clear
Skew (1)nSlant
Skew (2)nGust of drizzly rain
Skewer-WoodnSpindle tree
Skewt nCrossing
Skey vTear
Skibbet nSafe drawer in box
Skibbie nBasket
Skice vFrolic
SkidvSkim stone
Skiddick nParticle
Skiddy nTiny
Skife vKick up one's heels
Skiffaw vDo job half-heartedly
Skiffle (1)nShower, light
Skiffle (2)vWhittle
Skiller-BootnHalf-boot laced in front
Skillibegs nShin protectors in wrestling
Skilter-Vamp nHalf-boot laced in front
SkimmernSand Martin
Skimming nHay, low-grade
Skimmington nRough music
Skimmurton nSkeleton
Skimps nRefuse of flax
Skinnetty adjStingy
Skinny adjMiserly
Skip nStep-ladder
Skippet (1)nBasket, osier
Skippet (2)nLadle
Skipping-RopesnClematis, wild
Skir (1)vMow lightly
Skir (2)nSwift (bird)
Skirmage vScrimmage
Skirt (1)vPare turf
Skirt (2)vSquirt
Skirting nTrimmings of animal carcase
Skirwink vPare turf
Skit vCaper
Skitch vShriek
Skitterways advDiagonally
Skitter-Boot nBoot, hob-nailed
Skitter-Vamp nHalf-boot laced in front
SkittlevPlay skittles
Skitty nWater Rail
Skonk nCrowd
Skrike vShriek
Skuffy adjScurvy
Skull-CapnLowest stratum of Purbeck stone
Skure vSecure
Slabber vSoil
Slabby adjMuddy
Slackumtrance adjSlovenly
Slackumtwist nSlattern
Slade nValley
Slag vSquander
Slagged adjUntidy
Slait (1)vSlake
Slait (2)nPasture
Slam (1)vSlap
Slam (2)vSpoil
Slam (3)nHillside
Slam (4)vWin at cards
Slame vIce up (of whetstone)
Slany nSlattern
Slap (1)nBooze
Slap (2)nGap, narrow
Slapper nLarge object
Slapping adjStrapping
Slash vCarve awkwardly
Slashing adjSmashing
Slat (1)nSlate
Slat (2)nPod (of peas etc)
Slataxe nMattock
Slatch vSlake lime
Slather vSlide
Slatter vSpill
Slatterpouch nBag, worn-out
Slattery adjRainy
Slatter-Cum-Drash nUproar
Slay (1)vPasture sheep on downs
Slay (2)advRather
Slead nSliding bed of plough
Slear nHill, craggy side of
Sleath nIdleness
Sleave vFray
Sledge nSledge-hammer
Sleek (1)adjSleety
Sleek (2)adjSlippery (of ground)
Sleeked adjSleek
Sleeping ClovernCommon Wood-Sorrel
Sleer vSneak off
Sleer-RibnSpare rib (of pork)
Sleetstone nStone, round
Sleft (1)vSlake lime
Sleft (2)adjSlashed
Slen adjSloping
Slench vQuench
Slent vRip
Sletch vStop
Slew (1)nSlow-worm
Slew (2)nShow, ostentatious
Slewy adjIntoxicated
Sliantific adjScientific
Slibber nSlipperiness
Slice nSkimming-stone
Slicket nSlice, thin
Slickler nLayabout
Slidden vSlide
Slidder vTrench
Sliddery adjSlippery
Slider nSledge
Slier vLeer
Slighty adjFlimsy
Slike advIt's like
Slimber vTake it easy
Slimpole nSimpleton
Sling (1)nStrip of land
Sling (2)nToddy
Slinge (1)nSlink off
Slinge (2)vPilfer wool
Slinget nStrip of land
Slink (1)nWater meadow
Slink (2)nLanky person
Slinna Way adjSlanted
Slint adjSlender
Slip nChin-strap
Slipe vLayer of hay cut from rick
Slipper adjSlippery
Slipper-SloppernSlapdash person
Slippetin’ vStalking
Slippety adjSlovenly
Slithery adjSlippery
Slitter vSlip
Sliver vSlip
Slize vLook askance
SlonHollow inside horns of cattle
Sloading, GovClimb hill
Slob nMess
Slock vEntice
Slocks vPilfer
Sloke vHide
Slom advCompletely
Slone nSloe
Sloo nSlough
Sloomy adjSleepy
Sloot vDefraud
Slop adjSlack
Slope (1)vAbscond
Slope (2)vRot
Slopper adjUntethered
Sloppet vShuffle
Slorra-Pooch nDribbler
Slot nSpillage
Slotchut vSpring up to the heel
Slot vSlosh
Slotter vSlosh
Slouch vDrench
Sloudring adjClumsy
Slough nHusk
Slougher vSlip
Slouse vSplash around in water
Slovens-Year nYear when crops are exceptionally good
Slowcome nSlowcoach
Slub (1)nSludge
Slub (2)vThread
Sluckatrice nSluggard
Slug (1)nTooth, fossilised
Slug (2)nSluggard
Sluggard's Guise nSlow pace
Slummock vPile up
Slur vSneer
Slurry adjWatery
Slushy adjDrunk
SlutnNoise, loud
Slut's FarthingsnLumps in dough
Slutty adjSlovenly
Sluze vSlip
Sly adjBright but cold (of weather)
Smaak adjRotten (of potatoes)
Smacking adjHuge
Smalm vSmear
Smalter nBeer, small
Smart adjConsiderable
Smartish adjGrown-up (of young person)
Smart-Ass nWater Pepper
Smash vMingle
Smatch nHint (of flavour or scent)
Smatter nMess
Smeech vSmoke
Smeer, vSmile
Smellers nWhiskers
Smellingwood nSouthernwood
Smicket nShirt
Smicksmock nCuckoo-Flower
Smile nHead (on beer)
Smirk adjNeat
SmirtnPain, sharp
Smit nStain
Smitch nStain
Smite-me-downadjForceful (of opinions)
Smith-OrenIron ore, brown
Smit-Smats nFragments
Smoker, OldnSatan
Smoking-Cane nWild Clematis
Smolche vDiscolour
Smolt adjPolished
Smoor vSmoothe
Smoorn vSmear
Smoot-HolenGap in hedge
Smooth-FishnSea fish
Smother-PitnPit for burning charcoal
Smouch-HatnHat, low-crowned
Smoulder nAshes, heap of
Smuch nSmut
Smug (1)adjSmartly-dressed
Smug (2)adjSecretive
Smuggle vSmother
Smullock adjTumbledown
Smullocky adjSmouldering
Smut nObscene talker
Smutter nMess
Snabble vDevour
Snag (1)nSnail
Snag (2)nSloe
Snagger nTooth
Snaggle (1)vSnarl
Snaggle (2)vBait eels
Snagum nTooth
Snaily nSnail
Snalter-Snorter nWheatear
Snape (1)nMarsh
Snape (2)nWoodcock
Snapper (1)nSudden worsening of weather
Snapper (2)vCrackle
Snapping-TongsnMusical chairs
Snapsen nAspen
Snare vBite
Snarker nCinder
Snarly adjSurly
Snauper nFoxglove
Snavel vGrapple
Snaw intY'know
Sneave vSneak
Snee vSneeze
Sneechy adjGreedy
Sneer vBlow (of cold wind)
Sneesh nSnuff, pinch of
Sneeze-WortnYarrow, Common
Snell nStick, pointed
Snere vSneak off
Snew vSnow
Snibble-Nose nMiser
Sniche adjEager
Snick vCastrate
Snicket nMorsel
Snickets nGapes (disease of poultry)
Snicks nShares
Snicky nPaddock
Snidy adjUnderhand
Snig (1)nElver
Snig (2)adjRemote
Sniggle (1)nEel
Sniggle (2)vSnigger
Sniggle (3)vWriggle
Sniggling adjTrivial
Snipe nCharlatan
Sniping adjBiting (of cold)
Snipper-Snapper nWhippersnapper
Snipple vNip (of frost)
Snitch (1)nOdour
Snitch (2)vTwitch
SnitchamsnSneezing fit
Snite (1)nSnipe (bird)
Snite (2)nPart
Snite (3)vBlow nose
Snivett nNewt
Snob (1)nWattle (of turkey)
Snob (2)vSob
Snobble vDevour
Snock nKnock
Snocking nSnuffler
Snod adjSmooth
Snoder-Gill nYew-berry
SnoffvSnuff (candle)
Snoffer nSweetheart
Snoffle vSnuffle
Snog (1)nStick or ball thrown at squirrels
Snog (2)nScythe-handle, crooked
Snoodle vSneak
Snook (1)nPeak (of cap etc)
Snook (2)nSnuffle
Snool vSlobber
Snooze nSnare
Snoozle vNestle
Snop vSlap
Snork vSnort
Snort vSneeze
Snorter nWheatear
Snorus VorusadvWilly-nilly
Snot nSloven
Snotch nNotch
Snotty adjRimy
Snoul nSlice, thick
Snout (1)nMind
Snout (2)vSnub
Snowl nBlow to head
Snoxun nFoxglove
Snubby adjShort
Snuff-Box nPuffball (fungus)
Snug adjHealthy
Snugg nBall, wooden
SnurlingadjGrown-up (of young person)
Snush nSnuff
Snuzzle vRoot (of pig)
Snyter nBoy, mischievous
Soaker nTippler
Soaky nMilksop
Soap-AlleynMarble, yellow
Sob vSoak
Sobble vSoak
Sober adjSteady
Soce nFriends
Soce-A-Daisy intWhatever shall I do?
Society nFriendly Society
Sock vSigh
Sod nNail, small
Sod-Apple nGreat Hairy Willow-Herb
Sog vSoak
Soil vTake to water for refuge (of hunted stag)
Sole (1)nBottom (of mine)
Sole (2)nYoke
Solembury nService-berry
Solent-Sea nSolent, The
Sollar nSallow
Solly nInstability
Solvege nSavage
Songer nSinger
Sontross nReproach, term of
Sooterly adjPaltry
Sooty nSweep
Soourder nGamecock, winning
Sop nBlow, hard
Sorrow nSorrel
Sorry, Neither sick noradjAnnoying and oblivious
Soss (1)intCall to dogs
Soss (2)vSlosh
Sote adjSoft
Sottefer nDrunkard
Soud nSweat
Sound (1)nRumour
Sound (2)vSwoon
Sous nHalfpenny
Southart advSouthward
Sowdle vCreep
Sower's FeastnSt Mark's Eve
Sowl vPull by the ears
Sowlegrove nFebruary
Soysed, I'll beintI'll be buggered
Spaan nScold
Spacker adjIntelligent
Spade nGummy deposit in corner of eye
Spade-Speed nGummy deposit in corner of eye
Spadger nSparrow
Spadgick nSparrow
Spaggety adjSpotted
Spaiked nSpeckled
Spall nSplinter
Spalliard (1)nFruit tree
Spalliard (2)nSparrow
Spalt vChip off
Spanghew vFling
Spanging nCattle-grid
Spaniard nTurnscrew of plough
Spank vStride
Spanker nSmack
Spar nBolt, oaken
Sparcled adjSpeckled
Spare adjTedious
Spark nBullock, spotted
Sparked adjSpotted
Sparkle vSpark
Sparky adjSpeckled
Sparly vSparkle
Sparred-HurdlenHurdle made of shaved wood
Sparrow nThatcher's rod
Spat (1)nSlap
Spat (2)nGaiter
Spat (3)vSpit
Spatterdashes nGaiters
Spattle nSpittle
Spavin nSpasm
Speak nPole on which bundles of corn are carried
Speaker nPole on which bundles of corn are carried
Speal vSpare
Spean (1)nTeat (of animal)
Spean (2)nTine
Spear (1)nHand of watch
Spear (2)vMuckspread
Specketty adjSpeckled
Speckle nSnake
Specklety adjSpeckled
Speechful adjTalkative
Speed nSpinning-machine
Speeny nSubpoena
Speer (1)vPry
Speer (2)vAspire
Speet nLavender
Spell (1)nWand
Spell (2)nStory
Spell (3)nRelaxation
Spell (4)nFriend
Spelt-Corn nVetch
Spend (1)vConsume
Spend (2)nTurf
Spense nExpenses
Sperage nAsparagus
Sperimogle nWight
Spewring nPartition, wooden
Spice nTouch (of illness)
Spick (1)nLavender
Spick (2)adjNew
Spicket nSpigot
Spicketty adjSpeckled
Spicter nPicture
Spicy adjFlashy
Spider -PlantnCreeping Saxifrage
Spiflicate vAstonish
Spignel nFennel
Spike nLavender
Spikenard nLavender
Spiky adjThorny
Spilchard nPilchard
Spile nAwns
Spill nLevel of plough
Spillwood nRefuse wood
Spilshy adjThin
Spine nLumbago
Spinedy adjMuscular
Spink (1)nFinch
Spink (2)nChink
Spinney nCopse
Spinnick nSmall person
Spirit nTerm of abuse
Spirt vSprout
Spirtle vSprinkle
Spise vExude
Spit-and-dabnWattle and daub
Spite nDisappointment
Spith nStrength
Spitter nHoe
Spittle adjSpiteful
Splash vLay hedge
Splat (1)nPlot (of land)
Splat (2)nSplash
Splatter-Dasher nGaiter
Splatter-Faced adjFlat-Faced
Splaw adjSplayed
Sploach vSplutter
Splodge vTrudge
Splodger nBludgeon
Splot nPlot (of land)
Splut vFuss, make a
Splutter vSprinkle
Sponge nDough, leavened
SportvJump (of fish)
Spot nPlot (of land)
Spotted ToadnTerm of abuse
Spounce vSpatter
SpoutnSpirit (of person)
Spoutems nMarbles (game)
Sprack adjNeat
Spracken vEnliven
Sprackt adjLively
Spraddle vStride
Sprag adjLively
Spragged adjWhite-spotted
Spraggety adjMottled
Sprailing adjRowdy
Sprang nRoot (of tooth)
Sprangles nButtons, very small
Sprank (1)vSprinkle
Sprank (2)adjEager
Sprankling nSprinkling
Sprat nSand Eel
Spratling adjConsequential
Spratter nGuillemot
SprawlvPlane wood
Sprawny nSweetheart
Spray (1)nThatch
Spray (2)vChap
Spray (3)vSpay (sow)
Spread nQuilt
Spreader nPlasterer
Spread-Bat nCoulter
Spreathe vChap
Spreaze vChap
Spree adjSpry
Spreet vHaunt
Spreeth adjSpry
Sprey adjSpry
Sprig (1)nBrad
Sprig (2)vTurn off short
Sprightly advSuccessfully
Springe nSnare
Springer nCow, pregnant
Springing nSpringtime
Springle nSnare
Sprit vSplit
Sproil nStrength
Sprong nProng
Sprool nBrushwood
Sprouter nBroccoli that does not come to a head
Sprunny (1)nSweetheart
Sprunny (2)adjNeat
Sprunt adjNeat
Spry vChap
Spud (1)nKnife
Spud (2)nManure for mushroom farm
Spud (3)nLegacy
Spuddle (1)vDig lightly
Spuddle (2)vStir
Spudgel nScoop, wooden
Spuke (1)nHoldfast, iron
Spuke (2)nLavender
Spur (1)vRead banns
Spur (2)vMuckspread
SpurnenSpirit, evil
Spur-StonenRock, projecting
Spurwood nLesser Spearwort
Spur-Galley adjDestitute
Spute nDispute
Spy-PostnDirection sign
Spyzon nPoison
Squab (1)nChick
Squab (2)nFat person
Squabby (1)nChick
Squabby (2)vSlouch
Squab-pie nPie made with apples, onions and mutton or bacon
Squail (1)vPelt with stones
Squail (2)vGutter (candle)
Squap vIdle
Squarrib nFigwort
Squash (1)vDash against the ground
Squash (2)nPumpkin
Squat nPimple
Squatch (1)nChink
Squatch (2)vSqueal
Squatmore nYellow-Horned Poppy
Squatty adjSquat
Squat-Cup nCup, Squat
Squat-Pie nPie made with apples, onions and mutton or bacon
Squawking-Thrush nMistle Thrush
Squeak vBetray
Squeaker nSwift (bird)
Squeal adjFeeble
Squelch vFall heavily
Squelp vFall heavily
Squelstring adjSweltering
Squib (1)nSyringe
Squib (2)vCrush vermin
Squid nPuffin
Squidlet nMorsel
Squilch nBoil that does not come to a head
Squillet nMorsel
Squilt nPimple
Squilving-Ground nCliff edge
Squin nScallop (shellfish), small
Squinch (1)nCrack
Squinch (2)nQuince
Squinges nTonsilitis
Squinnerd nSquinting person
Squinny (1)vSquint
Squinny (2)adjSkinny
Squinsy nTonsilitis
Squirr vSquander
Squirrel-Tail GrassnMeadow Barley-Grass
Squiss vBarter
Squit (1)vSquirt
Squit (2)vHiss
Squitch nCouch-Grass
Squitter (1)vHave diarhhoea
Squitter (2)nNonsense
Squiz vQuiz
Squizzle vSquirt
Squob nStair-Cupboard
Squobby adjFlabby
Squog nSquirrel
Squotch nNotch
Squy adjAskew
Stabble vTrample
StabledadjStuck in marsh (of horse)
StackernBlind staggers
StaddlingnHaystack, base of
Stade nLanding-place
Staff vScoff
Stag (1)nHaystack
Stag (2)nColt
Stag (3)nTear (in clothes)
Stag (4)vMuddy
Stag (5)nPotato that stays in the ground and comes up the following year
Stage, On theadjSuckling (of calf)
Stagger nThorn-bush, transplanted
Stagger-BobnCalf, new-born
Staggering-BobnCalf, new-born
Staid adjMature
Stain vPaint
Stair (1)vClimb stairs
Stair (2)adjPerpendicular
Stale (1)nHandle
Stale (2)vPiss
Stale (3)adjStrong (of beer)
Stalk vClog
Stalkety vStalk
Stam nStump
Stamp nImplement used to knock spears off barley grains
Stample vStumble
Standel nCutting from hedge
Standy adjStubborn
Stang (1)nSting
Stang (2)nPost
Stank (1)vDam
Stank (2)nMisfortune
Stannel nKestrel
Starch nHeron
Starkled adjShrivelled
Starky adjShrivelled
Starn nStarling
Startler nAlcoholic
Startups nGaiters, short
Starvation-ColdnCold, extreme
Stary adjFlamboyant
Stash vStop
Stast vStop
State nEstate
Statute nStatue
Stave nBroomstick
Stavel-Barn nBarn on stone pillars
Steadyment nSupport
Steam nScent of fox
Stear nStoat
Steart nOx, young
Steehop vRomp
Steep vTilt cask
Steeple-BellsnPyramidal Bellflower
Steeve (1)vStiffen
Steeve (2)vStew
Steg-MonthnMonth in which geese incubate eggs
Steip n18 Elms
Stelch nTethering-post
Stelt nStealth
Stem (1)nHandle
Stem (2)nPeriod of time
Stent nCommon
Stepper nHorse, fast
SteppyadjHard-going (of roads)
Stertling nHoochie
Stetch nFurrow
Stew UpvTidy
Stewardly adjThrifty
Stewer vSuck
Stickle (1)nRapids
Stickle (2)vStand out
Stickleminie nStickleback
Stickler (1)nLoiterer
Stickler (2)nUmpire
Stiffen It, GodintStifle it
Stifficate nCertificate
Stiffle vStifle
Stiffy adjHealthy
Stig vStick
Stile (1)nBridle-Path
Stile (2)nSluice at rear of cowhouse
Still (1)adjSilent
Still (2)advAlways
Still-LiquorsnMoonshine (spirits)
Stillified adjSubdued
Stillur nSteelyard
Stin vCrack
Stinch vAbstain
Stinger nFrost,severe
Stinkard nSmelly person
Stipe adjSteep
Stir vPlough lightly
Stirabout nHasty-Pudding
Stire nApple, variety of
Stirk nHeifer
Stirrage nDisturbance
Stitch vStack of 12 sheaves
StitsonnSt John's Wort
Stiven's Breakfast nBreakfast, Thrown together
Stiver vStand on end (of hair)
Stoach (1)vPlant potatoes
Stoach (2)vTrample
Stoat nPolecat
Stoated adjKilled by stoats
Stobble vCaulk
Stock nPost
Stocked adjStuck in mud
Stocking nSavings
Stodge (1)nThick, semi-liquid food
Stodge (2)nFlurry
StodgernLarge helping
Stog vStick in mud
Stoggle nPollard
Stolard adjDull-Witted
Stoler nLoop dropped in netting
Stolt adjStout-hearted
Stomacher nBib of apron
Stomachful adjStrong-willed
Stonen adjStone, made of
StonernMarble, stonen
Stony nMarble, stonen
Stoodle vSimmer
Stook vBind sheaves
Stool (1)nTree-stump
Stool (2)vDry (turf)
Stool-Ball nRounders
Stoop (1)nFive bundles of straw
Stoop (2)nWarren
Stoop (3)vTilt cask
Stop nMilk-pail
Stopper nOven door, wooden
Stopple (1)nStopper
Stopple (2)nStubble
Stougher adjFilling
Stout nHorsefly
Stover-Nut nChestnut
Stower nObstacle in river
Strablet nStrip, narrow
Strad nGaiter
Strafe vStray
Straggled adjTrampled (of corn)
Straggle-Bug nGadfly
Strain (1)vSprain
Strain (2)vDistrain
Strake (1)nStreak
Strake (2)adjStraight
Straked adjFrightened
Stram (1)vSlam
Stram (2)vFib
Strammer nWhopper
Stramming adjHuge
Strangle adjStrange
Strangway nLane, narrow
StrappernLabourer, seasonal
Strap-Grass nWhite Couch-Grass
Strat (1)vSpatter
Strat (2)vAbort
Stratch vSlake lime
Strave nBridge
Strawberry-Leaved GeraniumnCreeping Saxifrage
Strawk vStumble
Straw-Mote nStraw, single
Stray:LinenMain line (in long-line fishing)
Streak nStrip
Streaked-JacknApple, variety of
Streaky adjUncertain (of weather)
Stream vStride
Streek vHurry
Streel vStroll
Strene nNew Year's Gift
Strent adjTorn
Stretch (1)nStrike (measure of corn)
Stretch (2)nMistle Thrush
Stribble nTurf, dry
Strick vSlip
Stricker nPea-stick
Strickle adjSteep
Striddling nRight to lease apples
Strig nStalk
Striker nBlacksmith's assistant
Strimmage nCommotion
Strim-Strum adjUnmusical
Strip nBlow with stick
Stripe vWool, medium quality
Stroat vStrut
Strod nBuskin, leather
Stroddle vStraddle
Strogs nGaiters, short
Stroil nDexterity
Stroke of the WeatherphrTeeth of the Storm
Stroll nStrip of land, narrow
Strome nStripe
Strommelling adjUngainly
Strommock vStride
Strongish adjCollege-age
Stroppy adjSpread out
Strout vProtrude
Strub vDespoil
Strugged adjChubby-cheeked
Strumpet nBaby
Strut vBrace
Stub nStump
Stubbed adjStumpy
Stubberd nApple, variety of
Stubble, Turn out tovTurn out livestock into cornfield after harvesting
Stuckle nSheaves, cluster of
Stucklin nStickleback
Stuckling nApple turnover
Stucky adjRobust
Stud (1)nSupport
Stud (2)nContemplation
Studdle vStir up mud
Studel vLoiter
Stuffle vStifle
Stuffocate vSuffocate
Stug nSupply
Stugged adjHealthy
Stuggy adjThick-set
Stulch (1)nCrutch
Stulch (2)nThatch
Stum nHose, brewer;s
Stummer vStumble
Stump-Tail nSheepdog, short-tailed
Stunhead nIdiot
Stunner vAstonish
Stunny vStun
Stunpoll nIdiot
Stunt advBrusquely
Stupe adjStupid
Sturly adjStanding on end (of animal's fur)
Sturth adjSturdy
Sturtion nNasturtium
Sty-bakedadjCovered in dirt (of pigs)
Suade vPersuade
Suant adjEven
Substance nTumour
Succour-BushvBush providing shelter
Suchan adjSuch a
Suchey adjSuch a
Suchways advIn such a way
Sucker nFoal, unweaned
Suckler nCalf, unweaned
Suction nDrink
Sud OutnTake laundry out of machine
Suffer vPunish
Suffle vSob
SuggintCall to pigs
Sugs intMinced oath
Suit vWoo
Suiter vWoo
Suity adjEven
Suity-Board nCheese-board
Sukey nKettle
Sulk vRefuse (of horse)
Sull nPlough
Sulsh vDirty
Sult vInsult
Sultedge nSheeting, coarse
Sum nAdd (maths)
Summer nBeam supporting wagon
Summering nApple, Devonshire Quarrenden
SummonsvServe summons upon
Sumple adjSupple
Supper vFeed livestock
Sure vAssure
Sure-Crop nShrew
Surge vFall
Surplice nSmock-frock
Survey nAuction
Susancide nSuicide
Suspicion vSuspect
Suss nSow
Sussex DumplingnDumpling made of flour and water
Swab vFlood
Swabber nBlower in malthouse
Swabs nStakes (in card game)
Swaddle vWaddle
Swaft nThirst
Swage vAssuage
Swagger vSatisfy
Swaggle vStagger
Swail vPower-walk
Swale vBurn
Swallet nChasm
Swally vSwallow
Swank (1)vSwagger
Swank (2)nSwamp
Swankum vAmble
Swapping adjStrapping
Swar nSwath
Swarble vQuarrel
Sward (1)nPork crackling
Sward (2)nHay, layer of
Swarm vBeat
Swart adjDark
Swarth nHay, mown
Swathe nSwaddling clothes
Swather nSlumber
Sweal intCry signifying intent in marbles
Sweamish adjSqueamish
Sweath nGrass, new-mown
Sweaty adjValueless
Sweel (1)vWhirl
Sweel (2)vClog
Sweeten vFertilise
Sweetening-Day nSt Swithin's Day
Sweeting nSweetheart
Swelter vWaste away
Sweltry adjCudgel
SwiffnWhooshing sound
Swifter nTackling (of wagon)
Swile nSwamp
Swillet nFurze, burnt to fertilise the land
Swim vSwoon
Swimer nBlow, hard
Swimmer nSummer pudding
Swindle vSpin
Swinge vBeat
Swink nChaffinch
Swinkum-Swankum adjSwaggering
Swinky adjPliant
Swinny adjDizzy
Swir vSpin round
Swish-Tail nTail of horse, long
Switch nFlag used by miners to signify an unlucky day
Swite vBeat
Swither vSweat
Swittle vWhittle
Swivet nHaste
Swivetty adjDizzy
Swoop nGulp, big
Swop vSop up
Sworle vSnarl
Swotchel vStroll
Swotchulting adjLoitering
Sylum nAsylum