Vo’kspeech Wordlist/T

T nT-shaped iron
Tab (1)nShoestring
Tab (2)nTurf
Tabling nCoping (stone)
Tabor vDrum
Tack (1)vPut out to pasture
Tack (2)nTools
Tack (3)nFlavour, unpleasant
Tack (4)vSlap
Tack (5)vAttack
Tack (6)vTrim (hedge)
Tacker (1)nClincher
Tacker (2)nBoy, small
Tackling nVictuals
Tacky-Lacky nDrudge
Tad nLoad
Taffety (1)nToad
Taffety (2)adjTender
Taffle vEntangle
Taffy nSimpleton
Tag (1)vShear tail of sheep
Tag (2)vDrag
Tag (3)nSheep, yearling
Tag (4)vTorment
Tagraling vAbusing
TailingnWool, dirty
Tailor-BlaynBleak (fish)
Tait nSee-Saw
Takeful adjCaptivating
Tale nClutch (of hen's eggs)
Talk FinevUse book-English
Tallage, ToadvSoftly
Tallet nHay-loft
Tallow nStalactite
Tally-Cake nTrifle
Tally-Iron nItalian iron
Tame vPrune
Tan vTease
Tan-Hill Apple nApple, Devonshire Quarrenden
Tang (1)nTine
Tang (2)nFlavour
Tang (3)vRing
Tang (4)vTie
Tanglement nKnot
Tank (1)nPond
Tank (2)nCounry dance
Tanner's ApronnYellow Auricula
Tansy nShanny
TantadlingnApple dumpling
Tantara nDisturbance
Tantarabobus nSatan
TanterbomingadjOut of place
Tantony's PignRunt
Tan-TurvesnTurf for fuel
Tap nSole (of shoe)
Tape-Taker nMole-Catcher
Taperell advFeebly
Taply advDaybreak, at
Tappit adjCrested
Tarble adjTolerable
TarbottlenBlack Knapweed
Tardle vEntangle
TargetnForequarter of lamb
Tarmined adjDetermined
Tarn nLake, mountain
Tarnal adjEternal
Tarnelly advEternally
Tarrat nLoft
Tarty adjPicky
Tat (1)nSheep, yearling
Tat (2)nTap (light blow)
Tatch nFlavour, unpleasant
Tatchy adjIrritable
Tathery-Outery adjTawdry
Tatter vChatter
Taum nThread
Tauntify vTaunt
Taut adjInflated
Tave vRage
Tavering adjRestless
Taw nMarble, large
Tawer nAftergrass
Tawling nTaw-line (in marbles)
Tawny nBullfinch
Tawstock Grace nThe End
Tayty nSee-Saw
Tazzle nTangle
Teaching nEducation
Teagle nCrane (for lifting)
Teak nWhitlow
Teart adjTaut
Teary adjFrail
Tease vDrive (livestock)
Teaser nRam not used as breeding stock
Teasy adjFractious
Tea-Fish nSaltfish
Tea-Kettle nBroth of bread, onions and offal
Ted vSpread new-mown grass for hay
Tee-HolenBeehive, entrance to
Teehoss vRomp
Teel vProp up
Teen vClose
Teetee nTeetotaller
Teetotal nTeetotaller
Teetotum vWhirl around
Teft vWeigh in hand
Telewag nTelegram
Telle vGobble food
Telling nTale
Teme vSteam
Temper vMix
Temple nWheel of loom
Temporary adjFrail
Tempt vAttempt
Temptacious adjTempting
Tems'd BreadnBread made of finely-sifted flour
Temtious adjTempting
Tenantry nTenancy
Tend (1)vAttend
Tend (2)vLight
Tend (3)vIntend
Tender (1)adjBiting (of wind)
Tender (2)nTinder
Tendersome adjTender
Tentful adjAttentive
Term vBorder
Terrick nTrinket
Terrify vAnnoy
Tervee vStruggle
Testorn adjShort-Tempered
Testy vTestify
Tet (1)nTeat
Tet (2)vTease
Tetch nHabit
Tething nSheaves, cluster of
Tetter nPimple
Tetty nNosegay
Teuny adjSickly
Tew (1)nBellows, nozzle of
Tew (2)nString, hempen
Tew (3)adjSickly
Tewel nHorse's arse
Tewer nAlley
Tewey adjQualmish
Tewly adjSickly
Thack (1)pronThat
Thack (2)vThatch
Thallack intThere, look!
Thane nBracken
Tharn vMock
Thatch, Lift thevRaise the roof
Thatchen adjThatched
Theasamy pronThese
Thease pronThis
Theasum pronThese
Thee pronYou (1st person)
Thee's adjYour (1st person)
Theirn pronTheirs
Themmin pronThose
Themmy pronThose
Then conjThan
Thereckly advDirectly
ThereimynThat there
Therence advThence
Therting nLandmark
Theseun pronThese
Thetch nVetch
Theyselves pronThemselves
Thick pronThis
Thickedness nThickness
Thicket nFaggot (of wood)
Thickumy pronThat
Thickun pronThis one
Thicky-Duddle nFlour and water
Thilk pronThat
Thing-A-Me-Toy nThingummy
Thinny vWhine
Thirl adjGaunt
Thirsty adjSalty
Thissum pronThis
Tho advThen
Thole nScythe, handle of
Thomasing vGuising
Thone adjDamp
Thong nShoelace, leathern
ThornbacknSwanage stone, bed of
Thorny nStickleback
Thorough-PolenReach (of wagon)
Thorty adjThoughtless
Thor-Mantle nTormentil
Those HerepronThose
Thost nDung
Thou pronYou
Thought nLittle bit
Thouse prepWithout
Thrale nOak blossom
Thrall nWheelbarrow
Thrave nCorn, 24 sheaves of
Threadle vThread
Threat vThreaten
Thrifty adjThriving
Thripple nTrailer for cart
Thristle nSong Thrush
Throaty adjDouble-chinned (of bull)
Throng adjBusy
Thrum adjThread, waste end of
Thrusher nThresher
ThrusternOne who rides too far forward in hunting
Thuckster nCourser
ThummelspidernSpider, large
Thumper nWhopper
Thumpkin nBumpkin
Thunk nThong
Thurdle-Crump nDormouse
Thurindale nFlagon, pewter
Thwartle vCross-Plough
Thwite vWhittle
Thy pronYour (1st person)
Thyself pronYourself
Tib intCall to ewes
Tibby-Lamb nChild, affectionate term for
TichvDry turf for fuel
Tick nBroad bean
Tick for TatphrTit for Tat
Ticket nLoad, small
Tickler (1)nRose-hip
Tickler (2)adjParticular
Tickling-Tommy nRose-hip
Ticky-Tope nWren
Tick-Tack nTick-Tock
Tid adjLively
Tiddivate vTittivate
Tiddle (1)vHand-rear
Tiddle (2)vTickle
Tiddly adjTiny
Tiddlywink nOff-Licence
Tiddy adjTiny
Tidley nWren
Tie nFeather-bed
Tied UpadjConstipated
TiernCord for tying sacks
Tifle vUnravel
TiftvDress up
Tig (1)nTag (game)
Tig (2)intCall to pigs
Tight vWeigh in hand
Tightish adjTight-fitting
Tightly advSeverely
Till vHand over
Tiller (1)nPit-saw, handle of
Tiller (2)vSprout
Tiller (3)nShaft-horse
Tills nLentils
Tilt (1)nWagon-cover
Tilt (2)vTotter
Tilt (3)nRage
Tilth nCultivation
Timbern adjWooden
Timbersome adjCumbersome
Timmy nBat (in rounders)
Timothy nCat's-Tail Grass
Tind vKindle
Tine vEnclose
Tine-Stock nScythe, handle of
Ting (1)nTine
Ting (2)vJingle
Ting (3)vBind
Ting (4)vChide
Ting-Tang nBell, small
Tink nChaffinch
Tinkler (1)nTinker
Tinkler (2)nBell, small
Tinner (1)nTin-Miner
Tinner (2)nFunnel
Tinnet nBrushwood
Tinny adjTiny
Tino advThat I know
Tinsey nWater-Can
Tint vBlend
Tinually advContinually
Tipped adjPainted
Tippem nUp-Jenkins (game)
Tippertant adjImpertinent
Tippity adjEasily upset
Tipple vSell when fattened for double the cost price (of livestock)
TippyadjEasily upset
Tipsen nSt John's Wort
Tipteerer nMummer
Tip-It nUp-Jenkins (game)
Tire (1)vDeck the halls with boughs of holly
Tire (2)nTiredness
Tiredful adjTired
Tirl vTrill
Tiss vHiss
Tisserer adjIt absolutely is
Tissick nCough, hacking
Tissicky adjAsthmatic
Tistytosty adjCowslip ball
Tit (1)nHorse, small
Tit (2)nSmack
Tit (3)vTease
Tite nWater-fountain
Tithe-DinnernDinner held upon collection of tithes
Tithen adjTithe, given as
Tithing nSheaves, stack of 10
Title vEntitle
TitmalnTit (bird)
Titsum nSt John's Wort
Tittervate vAggravate
Tittery adjUnstable
Titter-Wren nWren
Tittle (1)vTickle
Tittle (2)adjTiny
Tittle-Tag nLarva of gnat
Titty (1)adjTiny
Titty (2)nWren
Tit-Tat-Toe nNoughts and Crosses
Tiver nRuddle
Tiverton Rain nHeavy rain brought by an east wind to South Molton
Toady advVery
Toar nGrass, long
Toby-Trot nSimpleton
Tod nWool, 28lb of
Todd nDisease of rabbits
Toddle vStagger
Todge nStodge
Toe-RagnSalt cod
Toft nEnclosure
Tog vJog
Togger nToggle (of scythe)
TogglenScythe, handle of
TognScythe, handle of
Tog-Bellied adjPot-Bellied
Toil (1)vDisturb
Toil (2)nHilltop
Toil (3)vSet trap
Toit nHassock
Toke vGlean apples
Toker nMoney
Tolerable adjIn fair health
Toll (1)nClump (of trees)
Toll (2)vBeguile
Toll (3)vTell
Toll (4)vCount
Toll-Booth nToll-House
Tolsery nFee for trading licence
Tolsey nToll-House
Tomahawk nPitchfork
Ton nSpinning Wheel
Tonguey adjLoquacious
Tonkey adjTubby
Tonsure nHay-crop
Toodel vWhimper
Toor nToor
Toot (1)nFool
Toot (2)nFoot
Toot (3)nPromontary
Toot (4)vTry
Toot-HornnHorn (musical instrument)
Tope nWren
Toppermost advUppermost
Toppy adjCheerful
Torable advTolerable
Toreckly advDirectly
Tormentor nToaster
Torrididdle adjBewildered
Tossicated adjIntoxicated
Tossity adjIntoxicated
Tossy adjUntidy
Tosty nCowslip ball
Tot (1)nDrinking vessel, small
Tot (2)vToddle
Tot (3)nSand Dune
Total adjTeetotal
Totle vDawdle
Tottle vToddle
Totty adjDisreputable
Totty-Land nMarshland
Tot-Bellied adjPot-Bellied
Touchen-LeavesnSweet Amber
Tough-CakenWhite Cake
Touser nRough up
Tow (1)adjPleasant
Tow (2)intCall to encourage greyhounds
Tow Run Slack, Let thevLet business manage itself
Towan nSand Dune
Towardly adjDocile
Towering adjGreat
Townser nTownie
Towp vTopple
Towser nDog, large
Toy nTrick
Toze vDisentangle
Tozier nBasket-Maker
To-Rights advNeatly
To- prefixAsunder
To-Day MorningadvThis Morning
To-Morrow DayadvTomorrow
To-Name nBy-name
To-Night advLast night
Trace nFootprint of hare in snow
Trace-HarnessnHarness worn by lead horse in team
TracklinesnEmbankments marking ancient settlements
Trail nOak blossom
TraitenBran, fine
Tram nFramework
Trammel (1)nPot-Hook
Trammel (2)nNonsense
Trammel-HawknPeregine Falcon
Tramming nFramework
Tramp vTamp (quarrying)
Tramps vWander the streets
Trangley nTrinkets
Trap nHillock
Trape vTrudge
Trappy adjSlender
Travelling Sailor nIvy-Leaved Toadflax
Travish nDitch
Tray (1)nWashtub
Tray (2)nStag's horn, third horn of
Treaden nSole (of foot)
Treadle nEmbryo of bird
Trembly nTremor
Tremendous advExceedingly
Trench vDrain land with trenches
Trend vWind
Trendle nButter-tub
Trennage nBoard and lodging
Trespass, OnnOver 70 years old (of person)
TrestadjTrussed up
Triangle adjQuincux
Tribet nTrivet
Trick And Tie adjEqual
Tricksome adjEasily taught tricks (of dog)
Tricksy adjTricky
Trickumtrully advUnfairly
Tridge vTrudge
Trig vFasten
Trigimate nFriend, close
Trill vTrundle (hoop)
TrimnTotal of lobster-pots set out in one place
Trimmel nSalting-tub, large
Trimming adjExcellent
Trimple vLimp
Trim-Tram nLich-Gate
Trinamanoose nNonentity
Trindle nSalting-tub, large
Trinity PlantnYellow Flag Iris
Trinkle vTrickle
Trins nStomachs of calves used in cheesemaking
Trip (1)nLitter (of pigs)
Trip (2)vPly
Trippet nTrivet
Trise vKick up heels
Trist vTrust
Trit-Trot vTramp
Trizzling nTrotting (of horses)
Troach vTread
Troll (1)vRoll
Troll (2)vCheese, kind of
Troll (3)nSlattern
Trollibobs nTripe
Trollop nMoat at Portchester Castle
Trolly nHand-Cart
Trolubber nHedger and Ditcher
Trone nFurrow
Troop nBrood (of ducks)
Troot intDo it
Trop intGiddy-Up
Trot nNonsense
Trotter-Pie nApple and quince pie
Trounch vDenounce
Trow (1)nCanal-Boat
Trow (2)vWonder
Troy-FairnTime of confusion
Troy-Town nLabyrinth
Trub nSloven
Truckamuck nFarm cart
Trudge vCarry away
True-LovenParis (herb)
Truff nTrout
Truffle-Cheese nCheese, top-quality
Trug (1)nTrull
Trug (2)vTrudge
Trumpery (1)adjWorthless
Trumpery (2)advTemporary
Trumpet vStamp around
Trunch nTrench
Trundle nSalting-tub, large
Trup intGiddy-Up
Truss nBundle of straw or hay to be carried on horseback
Trust vBuy on credit
Trustle nTrestle
Tubbal nTwibill
Tuck (1)nTusk
Tuck (2)vGust
Tucked Up adjWorn out
TuckingnSatchel for carrying beans while planting
Tucky nSticky
Tuck-Work nPiece-work
TudnApple dumpling
Tuffet nTuft of grass
TuffingnHay, late
Tuffle vRuffle
Tuft vRouse deer wih few hounds
Tuftin nMuffling (of bell-rope)
Tufwort nWasp's nest
Tugster nWoman, bold
Tummock nHillock
Tump nHillock
TumptsnernQuestion, tough
Tun (1)vPour (drink)
Tun (2)nChimney
Tunable adjMusical
Tunnel nFunnel
Tunniger (1)nFunnel
Tunniger (2)nConical heap of cut turf
TurknSomething formidable
Turkentine nTurpentine
Turkey EggsnCommon Fritillary (flower)
Turmoil vToil
Turr (1)nTurf
Turr (2)intCall to pigs
Turret nTufted Sedge
Turtle-Stone nSeptarian nodule in Oxford Clay
Tush (1)nTusk
Tush (2)vDrag
TushernHorse Mushroom
Tut (1)nFootstool
Tut (2)nPiece-work
Tut (3)nStool-ball
Tutter vStutter
Tutty nNosegay
Tuzzy-Muzzy adjWrapped-up (in clothing)
Twang (1)nFlavour, unpleasant
Twang (2)vBeat
Twang (3)vInsult
Twank vWhinge
Twarly adjIrritable
Tweak vTwitch
Tweatling nTwittering
Tweedle vWhistle
Tweeny nHousemaid
Twelter nWhopper
Twer nSmall beer
Twice At OnceadvTwice over
Twicet advTwice
Twick vJerk
Twick-BandnMountain Ash
Twickered Out adjExhausted
Twiddick nTwiglet
Twig (1)nWalking stick
Twig (2)vSwig
Twilley-HolenHole in hurdle for insertion of pole
Twily adjTroublesome
TwinnDouble fruit
Twine vWriggle
Twinge (1)nFlatbread
Twinge (2)nGood point
Twingy adjIn pain
Twining nFlatbread
Twink (1)nTwinkle
Twink (2)nChaffinch
Twink (3)vChastise
TwinternSheep, two-year-old
Twiny-LegsnMarsh Painted-Cup
Twire vStare
Twirg nGathering-hook
Twirne nSpinning Wheel
Twirty adjIrritable
Twister nLash of whip
Twisty adjDistorted
Twit (1)nWashings after best cider is made
Twit (2)vTell tales
Twitch vTouch
Twitching-UpnSt Vitus's Dance
Twitchy adjIrritable
Twite vTaunt
Twittle vTwitter
Twoth adjSecond
Two-Penny adjInsignificant
Two-Three adjFew
Twychild nDotage
Twycrooks nPot-hook extenders
Twyvally vBother
Tye nPit
Tyent nIt ain't
Tyrant nChild, demanding
Tythal nEnclosure exempt from tithe