Vo’kspeech Wordlist/W

Wab nTongue
Waddle (1)nWaning (of moon)
Waddle (2)vSwaddle
Waddle (3)vDrag (river)
Waddy adjMatted
Wade vBathe
Wadmel nCloth, coarse woollen
Waft nBarrel
Wage (1)nWages
Wage (2)vWager
Wagmire nQuagmire
Wagon-CalfnVeal Calf
Wagoner nHead Ploughman
Wag-Wants nQuaking-Grass
Wairsh adjBland
Wake At NoonnStar of Bethlehem (flower)
Wale nRidge of fresh-cut hay
Walker's BusadjOn foot
Walking PaynSick Pay
Wall-BrownnButterfly, species of
Wallage nHeap
Wallashy adjCrumbly (of potatoes)
Wallet (1)nHandbag
Wallet (2)nBrushwood
Wallow (1)vWither
Wallow (2)adjInsipid
Wallowish adjInsipid
Wally vRake hay into lines
Walve vWallow
Wame nStomach
Wampy adjShaky (of timber)
Wane nUnevenness (of boards)
Wang (1)nFront rack of plough
Wang (2)vFaint
Wangery adjFlaccid
Wanty nBelly-band of horse
Wap vBark
Wappered adjTired
Wapper-Eyed adjBoggle-eyed
Wap-Eyed adjBleary-eyed
War adjWorse
Ward vGuard
Wardship nWagtail
Ware nSeaweed
Warlock (1)nCommon Mustard
Warlock (2)vTighten rope of wagon
Warney nBritish Bulldog (game)
Warning nOmen
Warp vGive birth (of livestock)
Warrantable adjFive years old or over (of stag)
Warrior nWallflower
Wart-FlowernGreater Celandine
Warth nMeadow
Warty-Well nHangnail
Wase nBundle of hay or straw, small
Washamouth nBlabbermouth
Washer nGum disease in horses
Wassle nMuddle
Wasteable adjWasteful
WastingnDecline in health
WatchetnGarment, ill-fitting
Wattling nFence made of twigs
Watty adjLeft-handed
Wavewind nGreater Bindweed
Wawl vWail
Way intWhoa
WayzgoosenGreylag Goose
We's pronOur
Weak vWhimper
Weak as Well Water, ZooadjWeak
Weald vMow
Weamish adjSqueamish
Wean-Year nCalf, suckling
Weasand nWindpipe
Weath adjPiable
Weaving-TuesdaynTuesday before Palm Sunday
Weazel nWurzel
Wedge nHatchet
Weed nCurmudgeon
WeelnEel-trap, wicker
Ween vWhine
Weep vChirp
Weeping WillownCommon Laburnum
Wees, MakevImagine
Weet vChirp
Weet-Pot nSausage
Wee-Wow adjCrooked
Wehaven intCall made by harvesters when crying the neck
Weighing CheesevCarrying a child in joined hands of two people
Weight-StonenWeight, Iron
Well vPare turf
Well-A-Fine adv Very well
Welshman's HugnItch
Welshnut nWalnut
Welted adjQuilted
Wenchin nGirl
Wenk nWell, sunken
Went (1)nBlock of fulling-stock
Went (2)nTeasel, used
Werret nWart
Werve vSwerve
Wer-Ound nHoar-Hound
West nStye
Wester adjWestward
WestwardmennSailors to Lundy
Weun intCall to oxen to turn plough
Wever advHowever
Weys-And-Bodkins nSpreaders (of plough harness)
Whaffle vGobble
Whang vWrench
Whappet nSlap
Wharrow nPulley, small
What-Nosed adjRed-Nosed
Wheeler nWheelwright
WheelingadjPouring (of rain)
Whelve vOverturn
Whenny-Meg nTrinket
Whensomever conjWhenever
Where conjWhether
Wherrit nPunch
Wherve nJoint
Whetile nGreen Woodpecker
Whetstone, Zoo Blue as aadjConservative
Whew nWigeon
Whibble vLie
Whichy pronWhich
Whicker vWhinny
Whiff vFish with line from boat
Whiffle vRustle
Whiffles nWhipple-tree of plough
Whift nWhiff
WhilaimadvVenture, at a
Whilk vMutter
Whim (1)nWheel worked by horses (mining)
Whim (2)nBrow (of hill_
Whimmy adjCapricious
Whimper vPant (of dog)
Whimsey nDelusion
Whim-Stone nQuernstone
Whingel vWhimper
Whinny (1)nStruggle
Whinny (2)vInduce
Whinny-Meg nTrinket
Whippence nWhipple-tree of plough
Whipper nWhipple-tree of plough
Whipper-Snapper adjNimble
Whippintree nWhipple-tree of plough
Whirgle vTwirl
Whirlypuff nDust Devil
WhirrvThrow overhand
Whirra nPinion
Whish intHush
Whister vWhisper
Whit vPlay the flute
Whiteybrown adjBeige
Whither adjPowerful
Whitney nMealy Guelder-Rose
Whitrack nWeasel
Whittaker nQuartz, variety of
Whitter (1)vChatter
Whitter (2)vTrickle
Whittle nMantle
Whitty nWhitethroat
Whitty-TreenMealy Guelder-Rose
Whizzer nHydro-Extractor
Whizzle vWhizz along
Whiz-A-Gig nPrank
Whoop nHoop
Whooper vShout
Whorage nBrothel
Whort nWhortleberry
Whortleberry nCranberry
Whosen pronWhose
Whumper nWhopper
Whup int Call to horse
Wibbit nRoof slate, size 5
Wick nWeek
Wicked adj Foul--Mouthed
Wicker (1)nEar
Wicker (2)vCastrate (ram)
Wicker (3)vTwitch (of eyelids)
Widderpoll nSimpleton
Widdock nTwiglet
Widdy-Waddyadj Vacillating
Wideness nWidth
Widower's PeaknWidow's Peak
Wigg nBun
Wiggen nMountain Ash
Wig-Wagon nQuaking-Grass
Wildego nWildman
Wildenow’s Fern nShield-Fern
Wilger nCommon Osier
Willis nRivulet
Willock nGuillemot
Willok nPeriwinkle (shellfish)
Willy nWool-Carder
Wiltshire DisordernScrapie
Wiltshire EyenColour of eye between grey and hazel, common in Wiltshire
Wiltshire WeednElm
Wim vWinnow
Wimberry nWhortleberry
Wimble-Wamble adjWaddling
WimblingadjSpindly (of plants)
Wimmet vWhimper
Wimmock vCoax
Wimp vWhimper
Win vWinnow
Wince vPrance (of horse)
Winch-WellnWell, bottomless
Windle (1)nRedwing
Windle (2)vDwindle
Wind-Cock nHay-Cock
Wind-Thrush nRedwing
Wing-Wang nQuaking-Grass
Wink nWinch
Winky, LikenIn the blink of an eye
Wink-A-Pussy nOwl
Winnard nRedwing
Winnick nAnything diminutive
Winnow Taters, Blow enough tovBlow hard (of wind)
Winny vFear
Wint nMesh
Wintle-End nEnd of shoemaker's thread
Wipe nFaggot,wooden
Wippul-Squip nCow-Parsnip, hollow stalk of
Wirral nBlack Horehound
Wise nPretence
Wish nStye
Wisht-HoundsnHounds, spectral
Wisket nTwig
Wit In Anger nEscape, hasty
Witch nElm, young
Witchify vBewitch
Witch-Hazel nWych-Elm
Wite nBlame
Witherdy adjWithered
Witherful adjWilful
Witherly (1)adjWithered
Witherly (2)adjWilful
Withers sbReedy Meadow-Grass
Withouten prepWithout
WithywindnGreat Bindweed
Witt adjFit
Witty adj Wise
WitwallnGreat Spotted Woodpecker
Wivel vHover
WoadmannWoad farmer
Wob OffintCall to horse to back away
Woblet nHandle of hay-knife
Woky adjMoist
Wol nHole
Wold (1)nForest, open
Wold (2)adjRural
WollervPress down grass
Wolpy adjSouring
Wondersome adjWonderful
Wont vYoke
Woodcock OwlnShort-Eared Owl
Woodwall nGreen Woodpecker
Wooster-Blister nSlap
Woot (1)intGo right (to horse)
Woot (2)vBray
Wopperdy adjDrunk
Wordify vWords, Put into
Wordle nWorld
Workaday nWeekday
Working nHoneycomb
Workish adjIndustrious
Work-Bracco adjIndustrious
Wormit nWormwood
Wornil nLump in skin of cattle produced by gadfly larva
WorranPulley, grooved
Worse than Dirty ButteradjAwful
Worsest adjWorst
Worst vWorsen
Worthy adjAble
Worth-Sparrow nWorth, Inhabitant of
Wosbird nBastard
Wosset nRunt
Woth nOath
Wothering advOtherwise
Wounded adjUlcerated
Woundy advExceedingly
Wozzle v Trample
Wrack nVengeance
Wrag vAccuse
Wran nWren
Wrangle (1)vScream
Wrangle (2)vFester
Wrangy adjWrong
Wrapped adjCreased
Wrapper nOverall
Wrappy adjCrumpled
Wrast nWrath
Wrastle vWrestle
Wrathy adjAngry
Wraxle vWrestle
Wreath nWattle
Wren's FlowernHerb Robert
Wrenock nDwarf
Wrest vSprain
Wride (1)nCow, spotted-faced
Wride (2)vExpand
Wright vRepair
Wrile vFidget
Wrine nWrinkle
Wringle vWrithe
Wrinkle nPeriwinkle (flower)
Wrizzly adjShrivelled
Wug int.Call to horse to go forward
Wugd intCall to horse to go right
Wulve vRing (of bell)
Wun nStye
Wurd vHoard
Wurraw intHurrah