Wessex Studies: Towards a Curriculum

We asked ChatGPT to create a curriculum for an undergraduate course in Wessex Studies, a long-standing aim of the Society. The result is not a bad start, considering that it was created by an AI engine, but a little heavy on the Anglo-Saxon period, with almost nothing on Roman or prehistoric Wessex (though these might conceivably be covered under “landscape”). Also, it appears to be based on a US model, where bachelor’s degree courses typically take four years rather than three. We would hope that a course created by actual human academics would correct these errors. Anyway, over to you, robot:


First Year:

  • Introduction to Wessex: History, Geography, and Culture
  • Old English Language and Literature
  • Anglo-Saxon History and Archaeology

Second Year:

  • Medieval Wessex: Society and Politics
  • The Literature of Medieval Wessex
  • The Vikings and Wessex

Third Year:

  • The Norman Conquest and its Impact on Wessex
  • Early Modern Wessex: Society and Economy
  • The Wessex Landscape: History and Heritage

Fourth Year:

  • Research Methods in Wessex Studies
  • Thesis Preparation
  • Elective Courses (e.g. Modern Wessex, Wessex Folklore and Folklife, Wessex and the Industrial Revolution)

Note : Wessex is a region in the south of England and is most famous for being the kingdom of the Anglo-Saxon King Alfred the Great. The curriculum focuses on the history, culture, and literature of Wessex, starting with the Anglo-Saxon period and continuing through to the present day.