Vo’kspeech Wordlist/J

Jace nFringe
Jackalegs nPenknife
Jackanapes nNarcissist
Jack-A-Lantern nWill o' the wisp
Jad nGroove picked out by quarrymen
Jade nWoman, idle
Jag nOats, awn and head of
Jagg (1)nLoad, small
Jagg (2)vCut roughly
JakesnShit, human
Jakle intShit (minced oath)
JambnStratum (geology)
Jamble vJangle (bell)
Jamrag nRags
Jams nShirt-buttons, wire
Jangle vArgue
Janty adjShowy
Jan-Chider nSedge warbler
Jarl vArgue
Jarman nBrandy snap
Jarworm nInsect, type of
Jawled adjExhausted
Jay (1)nMistle thrush
Jay (2)intJesus (minced oath)
Jellick vThrow stone
Jemima intTerm of reproach for a boy
Jennet nApple, early-ripening
Jenny nSpinning wheel
Jeroboam nChamber pot
Jersey lilynScarborough lily
Jerusalem cowslipnLungwort
Jessamy nJessamine
Jessop nDonkey
Jet vThrow
Jetty vProtrude
Jew 's earnTomato
Jewberry nDewberry
Jewel vValue highly
Jew-Stone nBlue lias
Jib (1)nBarrel-stand
Jib (2)nMouth
Jibber (1)nHorse, obstinate
Jibber (2)vBabble
Jibber Ugly’s Fule nSelfish person
Jibbet nLoad of corn or hay, small
Jibes nWoman, oddly-dressed
Jiff nJiffy
Jiffle vFidget
Jiggamy nThingummy
Jigger (1)nPoliceman
Jigger (2)nThigh
Jigger (3)nPastry-cutter
Jigger (4)nFondue
Jigger (5)vDislocate
Jiggery-Pokery nDeception
Jigget vTrot
Jilt nShabbiness
Jim-crownHat, disreputable
Jimmery intJiminy
Jimmy (1)nHinge
Jimmy (2)nSheep's head
Jimmy (3)adjNeat
Jimp adjSlender
Jingle nGlass beads, string of
Jingling-matchadjBlind-man's buff
Jingumbob nThingummy
Jink nTrick
Jipper nSyrup
Jitch adjSuch
Jitteyfied adjConvulsed
Joan the WadvPixie queen
Jobberheaded adjStupid
Jobbernowl nHead
Jobbet nLoad of hay or straw, small
Jobble nLoad of hay or straw, small
Jobbler nWheatear
Joblin nBoy, stupid
Jock nHorse dealer
Jod nJ (letter)
Jod-Trot vTrot
Joe-Ben nGreat tit
Jog nHedgehog
Jogenny nDonkey
Jogget nLoad of hay or straw, small
Joggett vTrot
Joker nFlask
Jokesy adjJokey
Jollifant adjTogether on one horse (of two women)
Jomick adjGood-looking
Jommetry nMagic
Joneys nOrnaments
Jordan nChamber pot
Joseph and MarynLungwort
Josey nOwl
Josing vMetal detecting
Joskin nYokel
Joss vJostle
Josses nMackerel, small
Jostle vSwindle
Jouder vThrob
Jouds nPieces
Jountish adjBoorish
Journey nDay's work, agricultural
Jove's Nuts nAcorns
Jower vGrumble
Jowl (1)nPan, earthenware
Jowl (2)vPeck
Jowter nFishmonger
Joysome adjJoyful
Jub vPlod
JudcocknJack snipe
Judge vSuspect
Jug vRoost close together (of partridges)
Juggle vShake
Julk vJolt
July flower grassnGillyflower grass
Jumble nGinger nut
Jump (1)nCorset
Jump (2)nJamb
Jumper (1)nMaggot
Jumper (2)nShirt
Jumping stalknSkipping rope
Jumpits nConvulsions
Junival nJuvenile
Junk (1)nChunk
Junk (2)nStew
Jupiter's beardnCommon houseleek
Just vAdjust
Justly advExactly
Jyst nGist

Barnes Day 2020

At our last meeting, we agreed to hold meetings/events on the closest Saturday to Barnes Day (22nd February), St Ealdhelm's Day (25th May), and King Alfred Day (26th October). Barnes Day falls on a Saturday this year, and we will be meeting in Nailsea, where Barnes married Julia Miles in 1827.

Assembling at Holy Trinity Church, where the wedding took place, at 10.30 am, we will walk the heritage trail assembled by the Nailsea and District Local History Society. Printable PDF copies of the trail can be found here. The walk should take about 1½ hours, after which we will repair to the Royal Oak, the pub where Adge Cutler & The Wurzels played their first ever gig in 1966,

We hope to see you there. Directions to the church can be found on the Contact Us page.

Rhythm Section Want Ad

On behalf of the Ringwood and Burley Band, I write to enquire whether there are any readers interested in joining the Brass Band, in particular cornet and B♭ Bass players. Other musicians also welcome to apply.

The Band also seek sponsors to help cover their overheads. These could be from individuals or companies. All small or larger donations,  would be much appreciated.  For example, I have agreed to sponsor the Band's newsletter. in return, my logo will be published. Individual sponsors, who would like their name shown, can request that when forwarding their support. Firms could send in their logo (not advertisements) and that may be used within promotional publicity such as event programmes, or the web-site.

Potential new players, please telephone Tony Mist on 01425 473542. Sponsorship/donations can be forwarded to the Treasurer, 8. Wanstead Close, Ringwood BH24 1SJ. Email queries to:- ringwoodandburleyband@mail.com

Further information can be found on their website.