Vo’kspeech Wordlist/P

Packet, sell a vDefraud
Packing-penny daynFair, last day of
Pad (1)nSaddle, padded
Pad (2)nFoot (of fox)
Pad (3)nBrewing-tub
Pad (4)nPath
Paddle (1)nSpade
Paddle (2)vHandle with fingers
Paddy's ToothachenPregnancy
Padgel vMend
Pad-Land nParish pound
Padlog nPutlog
Page,Have avBe perrmanently employed
Paigle nCowslip
Pail-stakenStand for hanging milk-pails
Pail vPile on
Painful adjLaborious
PaintbrushesnAglet-headed rush
Painted LadynSweet-pea
Pair nFlight (of stairs)
Paixy adjUntidy
Pake vStroll
Palace nCellar
Palch adjMend
Pale nRail
Pally vShuffle along
Palm vSlap
Pam nJack of clubs
PamenChristening robes
Pamper vTamper
Pan (1)nDrag (agricultural implement)
Pan (2)nTadpole
Panch nCrockery, broken
Pancrock nPetticoat
Pane (1)nPlot (of land)
Pane (2)nParsnip
Panger nPannier
Pank vScrump (for apples)
Pannage nAcorns used as food for pigs
Pannel (1)nSaddle, padded
Pannel (2)vHurt
Panshard nCrockery, broken
Pant nRomp
Pantle vBird-snare
Pantony nPantry
Papern adjPaper, made of
Papish nRoman Catholic
Papistry nRoman Catholicism
Par (1)vEnclose
Par (2)vOverfeed (animal)
Paradise PlantnMezereon
Parasol nSalad Burnet
Parbreaking adjDyspeptic
Parent adjLifelike
Parge vPlaster
Parget vPlaster
Park-PickingvStone clearing in park
Parliament nGinger Nut
Parlous nUncertain
Parrock nPaddock
Parrot-billed WillocknRazorbill
Parsley-bednCabbage patch (in answer to child's question about where babies come from)
ParternPlate of wagon
Particular advParticularly
Partlet nRuff (clothing)
Partways advPartly
Parwhobble nConference
Pash nGush (of water)
Pasmet nParsnip
Passage nFerry
Passionate adjCompassionate
Past alladjIntolerable
Pat vBlow
Patchy adjIrritable
Pate adjWeak
Path-fieldnField containing footpath
Patientable adjPatient
Patising vSplashing
Patt nCrab
Patted vMarked with footprints
Pattern of, make avMake an example of
Pauk vStroll
Paunch (1)nStomach and intestines of game animal
Paunch (2)vManhandle
Paver nPaving-stone
Pawd nPot-belly
Pawk vPant
Pawn nForfeit (in game)
Pawncock nScarecrow
Pawncy vNurse an invalid
Pax-Wax nGristle
Pea nWeight (in steelyard)
Peace and PlentynLondon Pride
Peach-Bell nPeach-leaved bellflower
Peacock nPheasant
Peaked adjSickly
Peaky adjDelicate
Peal (1)nOutcry
Peal (2)nGrilse
Peal (3)vPour
Peal (4)vLose hair
Peal (5)adjSickly
Pear vAppear
Pearl-blindadjPartially sighted
Pearten vEnliven
Peascod nPea-pod
Pease vOoze
Pease-Haulm nPea-straw
Peasipouse nPeas and beans growing together, crop of
Pea-Finch nChaffinch
Peck (1)nShoulder (of horse)
Peck (2)vPitch (ball etc)
Pecked adjPointed
Pecker nBeak
Pecksome adjHungry
Peck-Tooth nToothpick
Peculiar nPetunia
Ped nPannier
Peddle-Backed adjRound-shouldered
Pedlar's BasketnIvy-leaved Toadflax
Peech vPave
Peel (1)nPillow
Peel (2)vRun (of hare)
Peeling nPeel (of apple)
Peep vDawn
Peeper nEgg pie
Peer (1)nEqual
Peer (2)nSea-slug
Peer (3)vClarify lard
Peezy-Weezies, have the vSulk
Pee-Wit nWhistle made with grass
Peffle vDownpour
Pegging vSettering
Peggle vPatch up
Peggy nChildren's game
Pelf nFood waste
Pell vThin (of hair)
Pelt nHeel plate (for boots)
Pen nPeak (hill)
Pend vDepend
Pendilo nPendulum
Pendle nStratum (in quarry)
PennetnPen for animals
Penning nPen for animals
PennywinklenPeriwinkle (shellfish)
Penny-Moucher nBlackberry
Penthouse nStable attached to smithy where horses are shod
Pen-Stock nSluice
Perfection, come tovBe in great pain
Performed adjComplete
Perishable adjWretched
Perk nPerch (for birds)
Perkin nWashings (cider)
Pern vProsper
Perry-Moucher nBlackberry
Persh nOsier
Personable adjGood-looking
Pert adjLively
Pestle nShank
Petch vSettle
Pe-Pe Bird nWryneck
Pheasant's EyenEvergreen Alkanet
Physgy nPickaxe
Pick nNotch
Pickadog nPiked Dogfish
Pickady vSharpen
Picked adjPeaked
Picketty adjStudded
Pickex nPickaxe
Picking nParings
Pick-Pocket nShepherd's Purse
Pick-Thank nTell-tale
Piddle vIdle
Pie Picked adjPiebald
Piecen vReassemble
Pie-Curr nTufted Duck
Pie-Finch nChaffinch
Piffle vDawdle
Pifkin nJug, small
Pigeony nGoose-pimples
Piger nPitcher
Piggin nMilking-pail
Piggy-Pie nPie made from suckling-pigs
Pightle nEnclosure
Pigsnie nTerm of affection for little girl
Pig-Haw nHaw (fruit)
Pike nTurnpike
Piked nPointed
Pikel nPitchfork
Pikelet nCrumpet
Pilch (1)nSaddle-pad
Pilch (2)vSteal
Pilch (3)vButt with horns (of animal)
Pile (1)nHeap of ten faggots of wood
Pile (2)nAwns of barley
Pile (3)nHurdle-stake
Pile (4)vWelt a coat
PilkvButt with horns (of animal)
Pilkey adjDomineering
PilksnSloes, small
Pill (1)nPillow
Pill (2)nPool
Pill (3)nPitcher
Pill (4)nRock
Pill (5)vPeel
Pillar nVertical seam of rock salt left in salt mine to support ceiling
Pillow nPillow-case
Pillow-Bere nPillow-case
Pill-Garlic nWorthless person or thing
Pilm nDust
Pilmer nShower, heavy
Pimgenet nPomegranate
Pimlico order, innWell-ordered
Pimp (1)nFirewood
Pimp (2)nPimple
Pimping nSickly
Pimple nHead
Pimpy adjSickly
Pimrose nPrimrose
Pin (1)nHip
Pin (2)vClear up
Pin (3)prepUpon
Pin-FallownWinter fallow
Pince nPincers, pair of
Pincer-Bob nStag beetle, male
Pinch (1)nCrowbar
Pinch (2)nStool
Pincher nTweezers
Pincushion nSweet Scabious
Pindling adjTiresome
Pindy adjMouldy
Pine (1)nPen for animals
Pine (2)nEnd
Pine-End nGable-end
Pine-Raft nFossilised pine trees found at Brook Point, Isle of Wight
Ping vPush
Piniated adjOpinionated
Pinion nOpinion
Pinions nWool, refuse of
Pink (1)nSea-pink
Pink (2)nChaffinch
Pink (3)vAdorn
Pink (4)vFade (of daylight)
Pink (5)vPush
Pink-bednBed of stone in Swanage quarries
Pinkie nPincushion
Pinking adjAiling
Pinky adjDrooping (of eyes)
Pinnick nChild, small
Pinnicking adjAiling
Pinny-Land nArable land, chalky
Pin-A-Sight nPeep show
Pip (1)nDyspepsia
Pip (2)nPimple
Pip (3)vCrack eggshell in hatching
Pipper nTrotter
Pipperidge nBarberry
Pipple nAspen
Pirch vPush
Pirl vSpin
Pishty intCall to dog
Pishty-Wishty advIrregularly
Pister vWhisper
Pisty-Poll vPiggy-back
Pitch vPress
Pitcher, like a bumblebee in aadjIndistinct in speech
Pitching nPrecipitation
Pitchy nItch
Pitch-Poll nSomersault
Pith nBreadcrumb
Pithee intPrithee
Pither vSwing the lead
Pitisanquint advSo-so
Pitous adjPiteous
Pity vLove
Pivert nPrivet
Place, done to aadjCooked just right (of meat)
Plack nPlot of land, small
Plaice nFluke (worm)
Plainish adjMediocre
Planch nPlank
Plancher vLay planks
Planching nFlooring, wooden
Planets, rule thevPractice astrology
Plank vBend
Plant nGreater Plantain
Planted nRibwort Plantain
Plasad adjIn good condition
Plashet nQuagmire
Plast vBloat
Plat (1)nCowpat
Plat (2)adjFlat
Platnore nClay, type of
Platter-footnFoot, flat
PlattyadjUneven (of crop)
Play alongvHurry
Playsome adjPlayful
Playward adjPlayful
Plazen nPlaces
Please to have?phrWhat do you say?
Pleasure aboutvEnjoy oneself
Pleck nPlot (of land)
Plenty adjPlentiful
Plestor nVillage green
Plid nDirt
Plim (1)adjPerpendicular
Plim (2)vSwell
Plim (3)vWave around
Plit nFurrow
Plitch nHemp (fabric)
Plock nLog
Plog nWooden block to hold halter in place
Ploizy adjFrayed
Ploughed adjArable (of land)
Ploughing-EnginenSteam plough
Ploughman’s-WeatherglassnScarlet Pimpernel
Plounce vDuck (in ducking stool)
Plubby adjPuffy
Pluck-woolnWool plucked from sheepskins
Plucked adjPlucky
Plud nSwampy surface of a ploughed field
Pluffy adjSpongy
Plug nLog
Plum vPerpendicular
Plump nPump
Plunge (1)nDifficulty
Plunge (2)nPool. deep
Plunt nCudgel
Plushes nHoops (of broom)
Plushy adjVelvety
Pluvyer nPlover
Ply vBend
Plymouth Cloak phrCudgel
Poacher nLegget
Pobble vBubble
Pock vShove
Pod nPot-belly
Pode nVaulting-pole
Podge nPoke
PodgernDish, pewter
Pog vPunch
Poignard nGroom (thatching)
Point vAppoint
Poisonous Tea Plant nWoody Nightshade
Poker nPochard
Poke-Hole nHovel
Pokum nProcrastinator
Poland nCow, hornless
Polisser nSmock-frock
Poll-sheepnSheep, hornless
Pollard nPost, large
Pollards nPeas and beans growing together, crop of
Polled adjHornless
Polly nPollard tree
Polly-doddlenMan, effeminate
Polly Wig nTadpole
Pollysquiggle nCuttlefish
Polt (1)vScrump
Polt (2)vShave
Pomace nApple must
Pome nRabbit, young
PomewaternApple, variety of
Pommy-Stone nPumice-stone
Pomp vPromise
Pompey nKettle
Pomple adjTrustworthy
Pomster vPractice medicine without a license
Pond-skaternCommon Sandpiper
Pontch vTread in mud
Ponted adjBruised (of fruit)
Pooch nPout
Pook (1)nHaystack
Pook (2)vKick
Pool nGranary
Pool-ReednCommon Reed
Poord nPole used by snipe-shooters
Poorie nTerm of endearment
Poorish adjSubstandard
Pootchin nSeed-bag
Pope (1)nRed-backed Shrike
Pope (2)nPoppy
Poppers nFoxglove
Poppet nHead-stock of lathe
Popping nChatter, idle
Popple (1)nPebble
Popple (2)vBubble
Poppy (1)nGreater Stitchwort
Poppy (2)nFoxglove
Poppy-shownPeep show
Population nPalpitation
Pore (1)nFuss
Pore (2)vStuff
Porker nPig, fattened
Porket nPig, fattened
Porpin nHedgehog
Post AloneadjAll alone
Postman's Knock vSliding on ice, method of
Posty nPost
Pote vPunt (with foot)
Potecary nApothecary
Pother nDisturbance
Potted butternButter salted and preserved in a pot
Pottle vTrifle
Pougy nFerret
Poult nGame bird, young
Poults nPeas and beans growing together, crop of
Pounceful adjMasterful
Pounding nGrinding stone into sand
Poundmeal advBy the pound
Pour nDownpour
Poverty-weednPurple cow-wheat
Povey nBarn Owl
Powerful adjConsiderable
Powse nPulses
Powsen nTrellis (in orchards)
Prade nChat
Praent adjArch
Prajant adjSwaggering
Prank (1)vPrance
Prank (2)vDecorate
Prankle (1)nPrawn
Prankle (2)vPrance
Prawch vSwagger
Pray nPin, thatcher's
Prayers of the ChurchnLast rites
Preach vChatter
Preachment nSermon
Preamble nStory, rambling
Preciouser adjDearer (in price)
Predney advPresently
Prene nPan, iron
Present nWhite spot on fingernail
Preservation nPerspiration
President nPool near stable
Press-boardsnBoards between which Woodstock gloves are pressed
Preventive nCoastguard
Previous adjEarly
Prial nTrio
Pricked adjAnnoyed
Pricker nTracker
Pride of the MorningnMist, early morning
Pright adjUpright
Prill (1)nStream
Prill (2)vSour (of beer)
Primed adjDrunk
Primrose-Parings nNarcissus
Prin vTake
Prink vPrimp
Prinkle nPeriwinkle (flower)
Pritch vPrick
Pritchel nHedge-stake
Privet vPry
Privileged adjPrivate
Prize vPrice
Proach vPoach
Processioning vBeating the bounds
Proctor nRenter
Procure vCure bacon
Prodigal adjConceited
Profets nBoots, buttoned
Proffer vDodge
Profligate adjProlific
Profolium nSea-Pink
Promp adjSpirited (of horse)
Prong-handlenHandle for forks
Pronged adjFlawed (of scythe-blade)
Proof-Maggot nGadfly larva
Proovier nImprover
Prophets, my saints and intExclamation of surprise
Protect vDetect
Prugian adjDapper
Prussian's CapsadjPink Garden Balsam
Publican nMarsh Marigold
Pucelle nWoman, young
Puck (1)nPixie
Puck (2)nHaystack
Puckeridge nNightjar
Puckets nNests, caterpillars'
Puckfeist nDevil's Snuffbox (plant)
Pud nFist
Pudbeggar nWater Spider
Puddeny adjChubby
Pudder nSquabble
Pue nUdder
Puffish adjConceited
Pug (1)nMonkey
Pug (2)nBrick-earth
Pug (3)nDwarf
Pug (4)vPull
Pug (5)vCrush
Pugging nGable-end
Puggings nChaff
Pug-In-A-Primmel nOxlip
Pug-Tooth nCanine tooth
Pulch vStalk
Pule vWhimper
Pulfered adjDusty
Pulk nPuddle
Pulking adjStout
Pulleree-Alleree nDowlas
Pully-Haul vPull
Pulp nFodder for cattle
Pulse nPeas and beans growing together, crop of
Pum vPummel
Pumble vPush up
Pumple nPimple
Pumple-Foot nClub-foot
Pumptial adjPunctual
Pun nPinafore
Punch vWork hard
Punctual nTruthful
Pung vPound
Punish vImpoverish
Punishment nMisery
Punyear vPeruse
Puppy Dog's MouthnYellow Toadflax
Pur nLamb, castrated male
Purbeck-Portland nPortland stone quarried on the Isle of Purbeck
Purely advExtremely
Purgatory nFender (of fireplace)
Purgy (1)adjPodgy
Purgy (2)adjSullen
Purl vPurr
Purly adjPartially sighted
Purple nPotato, variety of
Purry adjSpongy (of turnips)
Purse nFreshwater Mussel
Purt vPout
Purtenance nOffal
Purvizer advProviso, with a
Purwattle nHedge, splashed
Push nPimple
Pusky adjAsthmatic
Pussikey adjNapoleon complex, having a
Pussivanting adjBusy-work
Pussy adjBloated
Pussyvan nTantrum
Putchen nEel-basket
Putchkin nBottle, wicker
Pute vImpute
Puthery adjSultry
Putt (1)nCart
Putt (2)nMolehill
Putt (3)nSalmon-trap
Putty-medalnReward, false
Puvvat nBlossom, mass of
Puxy adjQuagmire
Puzzlement nPuzzle
Puzzomful adjSpiteful
Pyer nHandrail on footbridge